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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Bloody Valentine is so pointless.

    Nñ it's exactly what it is. The non-interlude songs are There Will Be Blood, Wrong Turn, Massacre, Death by Sex and Everybody Dies.
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  2. It's fucking brilliant. It's tied with Clarity as my album of the year at this rate, Wrong Turn especially has kicked my teeth in.
  3. I can’t wait to listen! Spooky bops are my fave. Please keep posting your thoughts so I can bop vicariously.
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  4. I don't think it reaches the heights of Vol. 1 itself but it's good.
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  5. I think it was a mistake to have vol 2 tracks first in the track list, but let me tell you, this is Spooktacular and delicious. My Boo! Ah! Deluxe Edition looks like this

    1. o m e n
    2. Close Your Eyes
    3. TRANSylvania
    4. Turn off the Light
    5. Tell Me It’s a Nightmare
    6. I don’t wanna die...
    7. In The Next Life
    8. Boo! Bitch!
    9. Personal Hell
    10. Purgatory
    11. There Will Be Blood
    12. Bloody Valentine
    13. Wrong Turn
    14. <demons>
    15. Massacre
    16. Knives
    17. Death By Sex
    18. Everybody Dies
  6. There WIll Be Blood and Wrong Turn do it for me!
    But am i the only one who thinks these songs sound like something Kesha would have done in the past?
  7. Nn

  8. They sound more Gaga Fame/Born this Way era to me
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  9. Everybody Dies sounds like prime My Chemical Romance and I am LIVING.
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  10. Knives also sounds like the slut banger I’ll be shaking it to on Halloween.
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  11. The actual knife sounds in Knives gave me the most unpleasant feeling. Like, on my teeth? How do people say this in english, is it "cringe"?
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  12. Is there something in the Industrial-ish pop vein of In The Next Life?
  13. Not really. Just some of the instrumental tracks, kinda.
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  14. Sky Ferriera's B-Sides found rotting. Along with Masochism and my hopes and dreams.
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  15. Can someone message me with when the train might arrive?

    *insert is the bus still running gif*
  16. "There Will Be Blood" and "Wrong Turn" are bangers though also basically “Close Your Eyes” and “Turn Off the Light” clones but what about it.

    That 'one taste of blood is not enough' refrain in "Massacre" whew..... the spooky melodic excellence of it all.
  17. There Will Be Blood and Wrong Turn are the best songs of the 5 new tracks with vocals. Everybody Dies sticks out because of how it sounds, it feels like the credits would roll to this in a horror movie.

    Massacre is the only track with a woo-ah of the 9. Also imma need sis to change up the songwriting structure a bitsy
  18. That's exactly what it sounds like!

    WAIT. I thought all her songs had it? Is this the first time songs don't have it?
  19. The production on this entire thing is stellar, better than Clarity I’d say. Purgatory sounds fucking epic and is such a dramatic opener. A true successor to Omen. There Will Be Bops is serving that hook. Death By Sex feels like it could be a Drake song, in a good way. The interlude tracks, namely <demons> and Knives go OFF.

    I’m not ready to say whether volume 1 or 2 is better, but it doesn’t matter as they both stand out in their own ways (choosing to ignore the fact she’s merged them together).
  20. So, being honest, Volume 2 is weaker, especially by itself, but the project as a whole flows great so it makes sense releasing it altogether - as releasing Vol 2 separately would've made for a much more disappointing experience. There Will Be Blood and Wrong Turn are the definite highlights.

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