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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. <demons> slaps.
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  2. Obvs haven’t listened yet but I keep singing There Will Be Blood in place of the chorus of Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” in my head ddd
  3. “Massacre” is the best out of the new set of tracks
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  4. I think they all kind of suck, but aside from Close Your Eyes I didn't really like Pt 1 either.
  5. Why are there so many songs without vocals tho
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  6. They also probably serve as a testament to the music industry that Luke still got it and that he can still produce sick beats. A 'this is what you're missing out on' tea.
  7. I don’t know if the industry is really missing bloghaus. Did Luke do the instrumentals? I thought it was Oliver.
  8. He is credited as a producer on every track, but who knows if it's just a vanity credit.
  9. It bothers me that the ‘Wrong Turn’ hook is literally “you cut me open, I cried oceans...” repurposed but everything around it adds up to is a stone cold bop nonetheless and I guess her prolific release pattern sort of means I give her a little more leniency on this stuff.
  10. I liked vol 1 more but Wrong Turn, There Will Be Blood and Death by Sex are bops.
  11. I like them, actually I wish more albums had instrumental interludes. Not "taking the place" of songs, of course, but as added breathers between sections. It really works well, particularly for albums that are pretty much bangers-only.
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  12. This is serving early Daft Punk with bops and it's very good.
  13. So this is great.

    Purgatory into There! Will! Be! Blood! is fantastic, likewise when Death By Sex merges into o m e n. Oh and Knives is initially somewhat hideous, but it... slaps?
    The devil works hard but Kim sure does work harder, whew (ah)!
  14. It's really bothering me that the green cover is the "main" one for the complete album when it was clearly an afterthought compared to the original vision which is the pink one.
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  15. The only one I'm not convinced on is Bloody Valentine, but I think this all slaps so hard. Purgatory, <demons>, Wrong Turn and Knives are my highlights.
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  16. The only one I really properly like is 'There Will Be Blood'.

    'Wrong Turn' is okay but the verses are very similar to 'Broken' and the chorus is the same for 'In The Next Life'.

    I find the 'Carol of the Bells' sample (I assume) irritating on 'Massacre'
  17. 'There Will Be Blood' is the one
  18. Loving this, the two parts work so well as an album for me.

    The campy spooky bangers (and carols) I genuinely wish we got more of from pop every Halloween.
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  19. Why do I feel like Massacre samples a song from The Nightmare Before Christmas?
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