Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

They also probably serve as a testament to the music industry that Luke still got it and that he can still produce sick beats. A 'this is what you're missing out on' tea.
He / Him / His
It bothers me that the ‘Wrong Turn’ hook is literally “you cut me open, I cried oceans...” repurposed but everything around it adds up to is a stone cold bop nonetheless and I guess her prolific release pattern sort of means I give her a little more leniency on this stuff.
So this is great.

Purgatory into There! Will! Be! Blood! is fantastic, likewise when Death By Sex merges into o m e n. Oh and Knives is initially somewhat hideous, but it... slaps?
The devil works hard but Kim sure does work harder, whew (ah)!
The only one I really properly like is 'There Will Be Blood'.

'Wrong Turn' is okay but the verses are very similar to 'Broken' and the chorus is the same for 'In The Next Life'.

I find the 'Carol of the Bells' sample (I assume) irritating on 'Massacre'