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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. The verses in Wrong Turn sound almost identical to Broken.

    Bop though.
  2. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Volume 2 is superior to Volume 1. They work as actual tracks and not just Hot Topic dayglo Halloween season filler.

    Demons sounds like a Nine Inch Nails song.
  3. It's fine but like the first one it's clearly a cute diversion that knocks in the background but not a patch on her main stuff.
  4. This is basically how I feel about it. Though I do like the concept of non christmas holiday themed projects and feel like more artists should hop on this idea.

    Death by Sex and Wrong Turn are the best songs here for me. I love the Final Destination shout out in the latter.
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  5. Yeah, neither Halloween projects are anywhere near as good as Clarity which is sandwiched between them.
  6. Did anyone mention last time around that "In The Next Life"sounds like "Beautiful Life" by Ace of Base.
  7. Because it uses the same melody as Carol of the Bells
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  8. I liked last year's release better than I like these new songs. Like they're okay, I'm glad they're here. But there isn't anything that bops as hard as Close Your Eyes or Turn Off the Light ft. my queen Elvira.
  9. I like that she keeps us fed (and I guess these pacify the people who seemed to think she’d gone alt-pop because the same huge melodies were accompanied by lite-trap influences and a couple of guitar riffs) but yeah, the cute side project is cute.
  10. Were we or anyone really expecting it to match the quality of her singles or Clarity? I mean for just a Halloween album it's fantastic. Much better than most holiday themed albums (in my opinion anyway) and refreshing to get a one that isn't Christmas.
  11. I like that this sounds more synthwave-influenced than 2012 Nostalgic Dark Pop Stan Fever Dream.
  12. Just say Consuelanono.
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  13. Messy Car is a bop!
  14. It's a Halloween Mixtape for fun, not Thriller.
  15. Did anyone even say otherwise? I think we’re all aware of what this is.
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  16. aux


    Yeah, it's better than Thriller, thank fuck it isn't that.
  17. Meanwhile I like this collection more than Clarity, oop.

    Both are brilliant though, so no need to choose one or the other.
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  18. Turn Off the Light, the song, is basically her version of Thriller. Especially with the Vincent Price style Elvira part.
    And I like that Massacre pokes at holiday music by using the carol of the bells melody.

    All things said and done, glad we got this. But I wish this year's additions to the album at whole were a little bit more on par with the bops she gave us last October.
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  20. Ava Max "<3"
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