Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Why is Wrong Turn making me think of this

Bloody Valentine, in all its Human After All cosplay realness, is not what I was expecting to come back to the most from this but so far...
As if Dr. Luke did any of this. It's just vanity credits due to whatever deal he has. Didn't she work on it locked away with Aaron Joseph in like Hawaii or somewhere? None of it even has any of the hallmarks of his sound.

Six seconds into Bloody Valentine the synth of Katy Perrys "Firework" says 'Hi!'
A cute Christmas bop is always welcome in an artist's ouevre I think, but no album please. Though the stans would stream it...

Clarity was great despite her depriving the children of physicals. We need the next album era to be even better.
I think Vol 1 probably has the edge here, mainly because there’s a better balance of ‘interludes’ and actual songs. If she replaced Bloody Valentine (which is essentially filler) with a melodic song then it’d be a a close call.

Everybody Dies sounds amazing after listening to the entire thing, but I’d never listen to it in isolation.
I love how the interludes add a bit of cinematics with the car trunk sound right before Wrong Turn, the banging on the door while the party is going inside in TRANSylvania, the knives. And then Everybody Dies is such an inspired closer that keeps the dumb horror movie tropes going.