Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

The video is an adorable delight.

Also, she currently has a giant billboard hanging on Sunset Blvd here in LA for this Spotify Rise initiative:
Her name is on the bottom of the billboard but the smaller building blocks it from the angle of this photo.
Such a cute little video. She's a bit low energy but hopefully that's just down to it being her first clip. Regardless, she's adorable and the Paris cameo is obviously amaze.
I feel like this definitely should've already been talked about by now, but I couldn't really find any threads about it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kim Petras is a 25 year old German trans singer/songwriter that debuted with a Dr. Luke produced single in August, but just recently put out the music video, starring Paris Hilton :))

its a bop.
she has two other tracks out called Hillside Boys and Hills, both are bops.

anyway shes super cute and genuinely talented, and is already lowkey blowing up! support her!​