Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Argh but did Dr. Luke produce all of these?
  • "I Don't Want It All": Aaron Jennings (Lil Aaron) , Dr. Luke, Henry Russel Walter (Cirkut) & Kim Petras
  • "Hills": Brandon Hamlin, Dr. Luke, Ethan "Baby E" Lowery & Kim Petras
  • "Hillside Boys": Jon Castelli, Dr. Luke, Aaron Joseph & Kim Petras
  • "Slow It Down": ????
I'm in two minds about the Luke affiliation. On one hand, yes, nobody should be working with him after everything that went down with Kesha. But on the other hand, if this is what it takes for a trans popstar to break into the mainstream then..... I don't know.
That's sort of how I feel.

On one hand, he's disgusting and I'd prefer no one work with him.

On the other hand, she's a brand new artist who is trans which puts her at a very significant disadvantage. Getting producers/a team to buy into her is going to be extremely hard compared to any cishet struggling pop star so I completely understand why she would take what she can get, even if it's him. Like, would any of her songs have gotten any buzz if they didn't have a big name connected to them along with that music video (that he most likely utilized his connections to get done)?

It makes me angry that artists are put into that position, especially ones that are part of vulnerable populations. All we can really hope for is that someone sees the buzz that she's getting & she can work with other people in the future. She has a huge amount of potential.
I'm not sure how I feel about Luke connection.

The fact that the first artist he's willingly put his name on the credits of post-trial is a trans/queer artist is... interesting. Maybe a bit of a manipulative way to avoid criticism, but then again saying that totally discredits her as an artist within herself, which isn't fair at all.

For what it's worth, if you were to avoid all pop music with a Luke connection, you'd have to avoid a lot of artists beyond stuff Luke does himself. Prescription Songs (which unlike Kemosabe, Luke still owns, as far as I know) has some of the biggest up-in-coming songwriters and artists in the game right now. Emily Warren, Allie X, Lil Aaron, Lauv, J Kash - off the top of my head.

Where do you draw the line when a giant amount of the industry is connected through Luke? I'm really not sure.

Dr. Luke’s name has been noticeably absent on pop track credits over the last couple of years, though it’s certainly seen its share of headlines, thanks in no small part to a contentious legal battle with Kesha over allegations of contractual servitude and abuse (her claims) and defamation (his). But he does have a new protege in his stable of developing artists and hit songwriters: Kim Petras, a German beauty whose recently released track “I Don’t Want It at All” topped the Global Viral 50 chart on Spotify shortly after its debut.

Petras, who is managed by Maverick’s Larry Rudolph (Britney Spears, Fifth Harmony), is well-known in her home country and all over Europe, not for winning a singing show, but for being the youngest genetically born male to transition to female. Petras, now 24, began the process with intensive therapy at age 13; hormone injections and the physical part came later in her teens. She completed gender reassignment surgery at 16 and officially transitioned from Tim to Kim by 17, all the while occupying newspaper front pages regularly throughout the continent. With Petras’ new identity, inspiration — and music — poured out.

[...] As the first Luke-affiliated major artist launch since the legal squabble began, will Petras bring redemption, or at least pave a potential path to a comeback, for the embattled producer?

[...] in working with Petras, an artist who’s used to media scrutiny, is confident in her sexuality, and has the chops and discipline to make it as a pop star in today’s frenzied marketplace, has Luke thrown an unexpected curve-ball to the conversation? After all, gender issues take on an entirely different focus when Petras’ story is told. Or is he letting the music do the talking?

“Kim is such a star, it’s crazy,” says Rudolph, who has managed Spears since she first launched in the late 1990s. “She’s really got it all as an artist. I love her fresh perspective on pop music. And I especially love the fact that she wants to do it all independently.” (Petras has yet to sign a label deal, Rudolph tells Variety.)

So... yeah, this is Luke trying to attempt some sort of comeback. Mess.

Regardless of his intentions, his involvement won't stop me from supporting Kim, who is amazing.
I'm in two minds about the Luke affiliation. On one hand, yes, nobody should be working with him after everything that went down with Kesha. But on the other hand, if this is what it takes for a trans popstar to break into the mainstream then..... I don't know.

Eh, this is hard to really support only because of how close they seem intertwined.

It's important not to favor social justice rhetoric when it's removed from material realities. Like, I don't think any anger should be aimed at her, more-so at the industry, because Dr. Luke is essentially a cancer and his web of resources is indicative of just how much the system is built to benefit powerful privileged men, especially powerful privileged men who are abusive.

But to change those systems, you really essentially have to tear them down, not just diversify them or put a new face to them. A trans woman protege to Dr. Luke is still a protege to someone who is accused of being abusive and a rapist. It's made even more insidious when the parties in question - Dr. Luke, Kim's management - are aware and actively involved in exploiting the goodwill towards social justice ideology and actions for the benefit of Luke himself, like in that article. Again, no ill will to her and she should feel free to get her coins, but any framing of this as socially progressive ends up feeling hollow when you look at the price tag of "Produced by an alleged rapist".
The Dr Luke association is disgusting but Kim is really serving us bops....