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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Did she say she’s leaking the songs?

  2. Dd this video is bleak. And no, she’s not being serious in saying she leaked it.
  3. She posted a clip of a new (?) track that actually sounds pretty promising. More in line with her earlier singles.
  4. This is actually an old song (pre ERA1) called Design of Your Heart. It leaked the other day with the album. She probs just liked the song and hadn't heard it in a while!
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  5. Oop! Yeah, someone just told me dd
  6. I listened to 13 songs, so I'm assuming the majority of what was supposed to be the album. Its okay. Like very little of it is offensively bad, but it's all just pleasant background music. The title track isn't the flex she thinks it is, but that was a given. Clarity is much much stronger, and it baffles me why she still refuses to call that an album.
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  7. Pressure, a track off the scrapped? Candy album leaked. Interesting if only to hear the direction they were headed next to avoid another project being shelved.
  8. She sounds so much like Gwen on “Pressure” dd. It’s cute.
  9. Pressure is better than anything off the scrapped album even in it's demo form, a bop.
  10. So many songs leaked:
    Push Push Push (Final)
    Malibu (Demo)
    Homework (Solo)
    Heart to Break (Demo)
    Don't Call Sunset On Me
    Light Ur Lighter (Produced by RedOne and Diplo)
    Burn Slow
    Fire Marshalls
  11. This is still her best unreleased song:

    ....all for some k-pop boy to release it instead.
    Byun Baek-hyun you will NEVER be famous!!!!
  12. She sounds bizarrely like a cross between Meghan Trainor and Jessie J on these old songs nn
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  13. This is what hell sounds like.
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  14. Hell.mp3
  15. I do quite like the vibe of Something About You.
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  16. I suspect it was Luke behind her not releasing Push Push Push since he didn't produce it but to have that final version just sitting around in a vault and not dropping it in her initial blitz of 2017 singles like they intended is insane.
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  17. Finally got around to listening to the Problematique leak. I think it's a pretty solid dance-pop record. I do agree that it lacks individuality. There were shades of Future Nostalgia, Chromatica, Kylie's Disco, Charli's Crash, and every other like-minded pop record over the past few years mixed together. She hasn't really found her sound yet.
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  18. I don't think she will. It seems she's happy to be derivative. She has popstar/fame hunger but doesn't really have creative hunger.
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  19. Honestly not mad at Problematique, I actually enjoy the sound she is going for and I appreciate that she set out to create basic gay bops (the level is on the floor with Kim right now I guess). It would be good to hear Keep It since it sounded like it had potential to be a highlight.
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