Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Also the Sam Smith collab sounds increasingly awful the more we hear about it dd... *insert Cher's "whats going on with mycareer" tweet*

AFTER giving us a stripped-back, self-love anthem for a comeback single Love Me More, I can reveal Sam Smith’s next track is far more racy. Sam has teamed up with Kim Petras on the upbeat song about a naughty hubby going to the “body shop”.

Fill in the gaps yourself.

While it’s got nothing on Kim’s infamous EP Slut Pop, which dropped in February, it’s easily one of Sam’s cheekiest tracks. Sam sings: “Mummy don’t know Daddy’s getting hot at the body shop, doing something unholy. He’s sat back while she’s dropping in, she be popping in, yeah she put it down slowly.”

The track is set to be released next month, with a video being shot in the next few weeks. A source said: “Sam and Kim have been friends for a while and are big supporters of each other’s music.

“Working together just made sense. As soon as they hit the studio the song just came alive. It’s upbeat and fun.”

Not Kim getting pigeonholed into the Slut Pop persona. She's going to be stuck doing Ayesha Erotica cosplay for the rest of her career at this point.
My ears are detecting the basic 808 kit that Luke uses. If true, that would be super disappointing (but also won’t be surprised).
Worse than I expected, a feat!