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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I’m not and will never be ready for this, so hopefully it tanks and I never have to hear it.
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  2. I…wouldn’t worry about a Sam Smith/Kim Petras collab being a hit.
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  3. It gets worser

  4. I really never want to see or hear Sam Smith try to be sexy again. It has cursed my mind.
  5. Honestly comical at this point! Sam looked like one of those groundhogs from whack a mole in the old arcades. What we’ve heard so far is easily in the running for worst song of 2022
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  6. A pointless disaster. What's the thinking here?

    Sam's demographic is Sainsburys mums who won't be in the slightest bit interested in a Kim Petras collab, and Kim's is awful twitter bottoms who barely stream her own music anyway and aren't invested in artists like Sam on any level. Nobody wins.
  7. Going back to the snippets they've posted I think, surely I'm being dramatic, there's no way this is actually as diabolical as it sounds.

    And then I hit play, and locusts manifest in my home, physically. Blood drips from the walls. All crops within a 50-mile radius wither and die on the vine and volcanic ash begins to rain from the sky
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  8. The fact that this was produced by Max Martin and Ilya. No words…
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  9. Ugh, I can already feel how I'd have to convince myself I don't hate this just because you guys are doing the absolute most, as per usual. Let the two black sheep of queer pop do... whatever this is, it's not like you'll ever have to listen to it when out and about!
  10. You don't have to, though? That just feels like way too much mental and emotional exertion over posts on a pop forum being jokingly hyperbolic about snippets that sound bad
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  11. Two of the biggest embarrassments to our community.
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  12. I *do* though. Speak for the voiceless, defend their right to be errrr... :checks notes: sexy, etc. It's what I do.

    Plus, if I don't get at least three forum stalwarts tell me to delete my account this week, do I even exist?
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  13. Remember when Sam was like 'I love Fifth Harmony, my fave is Camila' and it was after she had left the band.
  14. Sam trying to be sexy has made my libido pack its bags and run.
  15. Again:
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  16. Having the gall to rip off "Faceshopping" and then turn around and call your track "Body Shop" is like wild to me.
  17. The amount of career lows in less than a month is astounding to me…
  18. I ... actually like some of the Milky-inspired tracks on this leaked album. At least, more so than the "I'm a dirty slut" ones.
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  19. I mean, I agree Sam is like Jessie J’s levels of obnoxious, but when did they become so intolerable to this forum? What did I miss?
  20. I think people were generally rooting for Sam last era before it was canned in favor for something more mom-friendly as to not scare them away with the overt queerness they were leaning into. So to see that era utterly wasted for them to pivot into… whatever this is… would likely be the moment the tides turned.
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