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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. "why y'all"

    Ma'am, you are German
  2. The way having a number 1 single which she features on for 30 seconds has went straight to her head and thought it gave her the right to do whatever it is she tried to do tonight.
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  3. It kills me how she goes on these rants acting like people will say "she DRAGGED the gays! clapback queen!" only to get ratio'd & start playing the victim. She needs to get a grip.
  4. The way she’s responding to Pop Base but then deleting. I know someone on the other end of that phone screaming at her to stop

  5. The way I'm not even slightly shocked. She's always been trash and her music isn't even that great for the gays to be making excuses for her all these years.
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  6. I've only really paid closer attention to Kim in the past year or so, but whew she has a bad attitude.
  7. Well so much for that "moving on from Dr. Luke" angle from like two weeks ago I guess nn
  8. I've never seen a Kim Petras stan with more than 2 brain cells to rub together so I guess that's how they manage to parse...this
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  9. The way the narrative went from ‘I will never work with someone I believe raped a woman’ to ‘yes he’s a rapist but I’m not ashamed’.
  10. The whole "why can everyone work with a rapist but me?" is simply disgusting. And her music ain't even good to try to ignore this, i'd be ashamed to support this woman and i'll openly judge everyone i see doing that from now on.
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  11. Her fans are peddling this narrative on Twitter she was contractually obligated to work with him, which we have well established at this point to be A) untrue and B) she clearly doesn't care so I'm not sure why people are jumping to defend her.
  12. Why is she so… dumb
  13. Sis you literally just got a historic number 1 & Grammy nods out of a non-Dr Luke song, all you had to do was have someone change your socials’ passwords, log off and enjoy your little career boost. She just can’t help herself can she.
  14. She’s a truly miserable person.
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  15. Kim Petras feat. Jesy Nelson - Never Change
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  16. Sis got 1 hit and now she's getting brave again. She fails to understand that this Luke shit will follow her for the rest of her career, no matter how big she gets.
  17. RMK


    She's trying to make herself seem super unapologetic or uncancellable but there's no grounds for that when you're genuinely rude and ignorant. There wasn't even pressure mounting for a statement.

    Also, all the work done to help her re-launch without ties to him? Her team and label must be annoyed. Give them all PTO.
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  18. The title of her scrapped album was a nod to what she's knowingly doing. She wants to pretend to be a badass online and then cries, deletes her tweets and accuses people of transphobia when she's openly inviting criticism of her actions.

  19. Girl really should have logged off nn
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