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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Inland Empire

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    Yikes at Dr Luke's involvement. I hope she leaves him behind as soon as possible. Trans artists deserve better.
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  2. This has been my most frustrating release of the year. All 4 songs are absolutely incredible, and I'm so pleased someone with Kim's story has come even this far, but Dr. Luke's involvement is disappointing beyond belief.
  3. She should ditch Luke and get with PC Music’s production team.
  4. Basically.
  5. ...but we want her to RELEASE music.
  6. I mean the man she’s working with now basically prevented his former main act from releasing anything for years
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  7. Someone get her in the studio with Felix Snow or Grimes, tibb.
  8. oh my god YES PLEASE
  9. I Don't Want It At All is giving me major XCX/Wynter Gordon 2010 vibes and I love it
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  10. It’s screaming for a mashup with Buy My Love.
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  11. Reserve this idea for Britney, please.
  12. @drewsky @TRAVVV YAS Buy My Love was my first thought when I heard I Don't Want It At All. Iconic.

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  13. So all her songs rip some other tune off, right?
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  14. Wait at me only just finding out she's German. Queen.
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  15. Such as?
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  16. Well, Hillside Boys may be one of my favoruite songs this year but it owes a lot to Cyndi's Girls.

  17. She's basically put out an EP's worth of songs this year
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  18. She said that all these songs are part of a deal with Spotify and they’ll eventually become the album.
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  19. This is a tune. That video tho kii.

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