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Kim Petras - "brrr" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I love her music so far, but I'm not digging the cheap, color-swapped cover art for her singles.
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  2. I dare anyone to claim this issa non-bop.

    That's 5/5 then.
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  3. Faded is another huge bop. Eaux @ lil aaron but his verse isn't awful so I'll accept it.
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  4. 5/5 for sure. One of the most promising new pop girls of recent memory.
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  5. Another bop in the basket.
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  6. Faded is great!

    (It would have made such a brilliant track for Fergie.)
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  7. Absolute banger.
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  8. Incredible run. She basically gave us a 5/5 EP. Do a Product and I'm sold.
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  9. Sis these only ADD to the whole vibe they're going with.
  10. Faded is massive! My favorite so far
  11. Hope she does mini live shows next year.
    Will it be creepy to be there yes. Will I be there? Yes.
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  12. ??? How so?
  13. I’m 45 and it will be full of 11 year olds sis.
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  14. Does she really have kids for stans already? I get the feeling it's adult and teen gays mostly so far.
  15. I doubt any kids even know her.
  16. 11-18 year olds = kids
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  17. She's already been performing the Gay club circuit in LA (The Abbey, etc.). Think they're really going after the twink crowd first.
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  18. Will there ever be any other crowd, for any pop girl.
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