Kim Petras - Feed the Beast (Jun 23)

Sam “First Gay Person to Win an Oscar” Smith and his “Im not like those promiscuous gays” had a brief moment of redemption between the Normani collab and How Do You Sleep? I’m sure there was label fuckery and I know the whole To Die For package died with the pandemic but every step since has been a pathetic attempt at regaining the dominance Stay with Me had. Now collaborating with Kim is my final strike against them. Troye is still in thin ice for having her open. I was flip flopping on seeing the Bloom tour and that made the decision easy.
I wasn't too keen on the clip Sam posted but Kim slays her bit! I'm looking forward to this release a lot more after hearing Kim's clip
The way they both look in the clips like they heard the song for the first time there

I don’t very much care for Sam (or Kim for that matter) but doesn’t Sam identify as non-binary and use they/them pronouns?

If we’re going to drag their tasteless mediocre ass and this horrific new song they’ve got in the pipeline we should at the very least use the right pronouns.