Kim Petras - Feed the Beast / Problématique

Yeah, I think this was mainly because of their joint Luke/label connection. It also seems like it was super last minute, with the collab announcement only just happening and the video supposedly being filmed this week when it should have been in the can a month ago.

Genuinely curious if this has legs for her.
I would be lying if I said the sample and her overprocessed vocals didn’t have me in a semi chokehold. It sounds like the first solid song from her in a long time.
Luke, Aaron Joseph, Kim Petras and Nicki Minaj on one track.



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He/Him this... is this considered a bad thing?
Wow how awful of a label doing its job...

In theory, no this is a great thing for an act! It's actually a nice thing to see Republic trying to launch her as a viable solo act and maybe toss an album out, especially after everything imploded for Problematique.

My gripe with this is the dead-eyed Bebe Rexification of it all. Take an emerging, talented, and genuinely interesting artist and get her on a collab that blows up. Instead of embracing what gave Kim her cult status they've stretched her, diluted her, and lobotomized her music. You can't compare 'If Jesus Was a Rockstar' or 'brr' to 'Heart To Break' because quite frankly there is no quality behind the former two tracks. This is where my quip of desperation rolls in. You can hear the boardroom. You can hear them attempt to replicate what made her resonate, but it never reaches the peaks it did in Era 1. Now after what, 4, 5 Republic singles not doing what they had hopes they're spinning their wheels to get something to stick. A Nicki feature and a sample of a beloved 90s track? Why not just make it 'Genius Of Love' again and call it a hit? I understand Republic wants to recoup their investment but my god is this downright clinical.

And this is with ignoring her involvement with Nicki and Luke on this track! Didn't we suffer enough from the downright evil 'Super Freaky Girl'?
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They both deserve each other and the lowest common denominator tactics they’ve been reduced to. Their commitment to being the worst versions of themselves is really something.

Sounds like a banger but I will not be giving it one stream.
^This is social responsibility. Music or any kind of entertainment is simply not important enough to support clearly immoral people.