Kim Petras - Feed the Beast / Problématique

Not the 99p demo of Je T'Adore making it over the superior version that leaked in Spring...queen of terrible A&R.

I actually prefer this version (original?) than the other one (Oliver's remix?), which sounded messy and overproduced. It's got this cutesy 2009 vibe that really does it for me.
Honestly, a moment. I was shook. And that middle eight still gets referenced each other day here.

It's a shame they went so in your face with the "spooky but make it fashion" look with this video instead of the vintage mystery / Twin Peaks feel of her original buzz singles. That became pure fuel for the Gaga comparisons.
“Wanna be like Midas when my bank account is minus” is an iconic lyric.

The fact that song was born out of these and a Kate Bush sample. Iconic.

The way Verbz jumped right out for that rap verse on "Hot Mess"

No, this ain't fashion week
I can let my clothes and my actions speak
Strut Carabella and my coat Margiela
Don’t look at the weather
Just whether I see my face on V
Next time maybe
Girls got to eye me, 'cause they so mad
I could look fresh in a potato sack

Tell me what kind of chapeau is that?
Que c'est ce fille?
How they say in France
When I'm walking past
Shirt so hot, shoes so hot
Talk to me babe, show me what you got
Walk for me babe, show me what you got
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She's doing ARENAS IN THE US?! It's giving...


At least she's lowered her expectations for EU/UK and is playing like 2,000 capacity venues.

Also, somehow Problematique is more faceless than Feed The Beast. Did we really need this? Was it really that much of an in demand album? I can take some of the songs on Feed The Beast but there is nothing aside from the Paris Hilton collab that I am returning to on Problematique.