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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Clarity really did that huh

    So far:

    Do Me > Clarity > Got My Number > Sweet Spot > All I Do Is Cry > Broken >>>> Blow It All
  2. Clarity being so short annoys me. It’s so good
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  3. ‘Clarity’ is excellent, and I kind of like how it breezes by like a gust of fresh air and then just disappears after two minutes. Could’ve done with a bridge though. Kim Malone indeed.

    The Luke thing still sucks. Remembering that, letting her and others know, and articulating why is the only means to a satisfactory ends in my mind.
  4. I think she comes across a bit dumb in interviews.
  5. Luke will produce her next 1000 tracks and we have to deal.
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  6. It just makes me sad that her choices are fucked and people are like "Well, We'll just accept it".
    It's unacceptable. She doesn't deserve a pass on it nor should she be made to feel like it doesn't really matter to people. She should be told it does, explicitly by her fans, in the hopes enough people will be bothered that her career will depend on her doing something about it and that she will. Someday.

    I get it's annoying to go through this conversation every time she puts out a song with him but it isn't a fact that can just be so easily shuffled into the background, because then we'll just be complicit about it.
  7. Her fans have been telling her and she just chooses to stick her head in the sand and ignore it.
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  8. And I’ll be here to remind y’all he did for each one xx
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  9. Mess at this girl still getting streams and songs rates.
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  10. Mess at her releasing more Dr. Luke singles in two years than Kesha and Katy combined in their whole career.
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  11. I mean, the music is excellent. I think there’s enough nuance and discussion to this thread that we can listen to the music while also acknowledging the complications that come with how it was created. There’s a clutch of people who come in here to defend her decisions but they’re never forum regulars, so their justifications are inconsequential.
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  12. Clarity is costume change tour interlude - but it’s alright.

    I like how all these recent singles have Spotify videos.
  13. Just download by non legal means and listen that way.
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  14. So far

    01 Sweet Spot
    02 Blow it all
    03 Got my number
    04 Clarity
    05 Broken
    06 Do me
    07 All I Do is cry

    It's exciting someone is releasing music this way.
  15. Yeah I recognise who is who but... I don't know, considering it's PJ, I still find the reaction/discussion pretty mild when it comes to her. Everybody is free to listen to whatever they want of course.
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  16. Something that I’ve personally wondered about with this predicament is how it informs other artists. I’m posing this as a question rather than any sort of definitive moral take, but wondered what the general thought was on how we treat singles from the past that have Dr. Luke’s involvement. I’m thinking Since U Been Gone, the entirety of Animal/Cannibal, the Teenage Dream you stream them? Or are they in a similar boat with Kim’s material where it’s “illegal”/offline streams?

    This is just something that been knocking around in my head since earlier this year. I haven’t really come to any conclusions myself mostly because I’m not sure if the royalties and such work in the same ways for major labels or if he’s getting a disproportionate cut from this current material (I’d assume so, though the ROI is surely comparable based on success).
  17. I personally have come to settle on that streaming those old songs do not raise his profile anymore or help his career in an active way as supporting a new project of his does. The money given to him is comparatively negligent as opposed to the help of backing music he is now actively working on. Kim becoming bigger means he becomes bigger again and while she chooses to work with him, I choose to not listen to her outside of throwing I Don’t Want It At All a stream every couple of months cause I have it in my head.
  18. Clarity being nothing more than an interlude is homophobic.
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  19. These artists are also still performing these songs live as well. I’d maybe feel differently if there were some sort of boycott of Luke’s production material past, present and future, and if the artists decided to pull all that old stuff from their setlists, but there hasn’t been. Those songs are still theirs as much as they are his, maybe even moreso theirs in some cases.
  20. An album of brand new songs... That will be amazing.
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