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Kim Petras - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. New stuff has been meh. Someone tag me when she re-releases the full "Turn Off The Light" albums on vinyl.
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  2. I've come around to this massively since I've added it to my gym playlist.

    Un, deux, trois, QUATRE!

  3. Ffff

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  4. Okay, that was a funny callback nn
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  5. Am I naive or not in the know? Is Slayyyter trans?
  6. No, that’s the joke, because Kim thought she was initially. She’s just referencing that older tweet.
  7. I thought she sounded good but I wasn't too impressed with the performance. She was serving some nice arm/ hand choreography. However, the outfit seemed a bit restrictive and awkward. It was all just a bit meh.
  8. I hope the Bubblegum Monster is on the album cover attacking Paris or something.
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  9. I actually really enjoyed her performance and red carpet look. The red carpet look in particular was giving me Leigh Bowery, which I loved. And the bubblegum Oogie Boogie performance set up was cute.
  10. Ashamed to say, I spent an embarrassing amount of time last night trying to drunkenly figure out the words, melody or name of a song I kept describing to my friends at the bar as "it's like a Charli XCX "Sucker" era track that goes dun, dun, dun, dun..."..... It was Hillside Boys by Kim. I-
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  11. She sounded pretty good at the VMA performance but the song is still lacklustre.
  12. The performance look was a boot. But glad she’s getting exposure…kind of. The production mess of it all is still so unfortunate.
  13. She absolutely has no stage presence whatsoever. What a chore of a performance
  14. Future Starts Now has grown on me immensely, odd structure aside. The production is pristine.
  15. Agree that the two leaks are sub-par, they don't really go anywhere or give enough? They would be skips on Clarity.
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  16. NOT @sergioesludico playing this two weeks ago making me love this. Hearing songs in real life does make them seem better.
  17. So is Volume 3 pushed back another year or what happened? Did the others come out on Oct. 1? There has literally been no mention of this project in forever?!
  18. I feel like signing to the label maybe changed whatever plans there may have been for a volume 3. Wouldn’t make a ton of sense (at least to me) to drop that in the middle of what’s supposed to be her debut era launch.
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  19. Good point. That's a shame. I was really looking forward to Volume 3. 'Party Till I Die' was such a tease
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