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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Sorry but Aaron flat out admitting the label thought the songs were shit is sending me
  2. Sometimes the suits get it right!
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  3. Don't have good enough songs "yet" is charitable
    & implies that they can do better, and the track record lately really isn't supporting that idea.
  4. I feel bad for any woman who gets trapped due to the whims of largely male executives, but outside of that, her locking herself into a dead-end exploitative album deal that'll see her music shelved for years all while Kesha, who she mocked, is one album away from being freed from her's is some Dante's Inferno shit.
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  5. The timing ... this is not going to end well.

  6. Not her deleting her tweet about this. They were eating her up in those quotes.
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  7. I don't get it? Is this related to the resurgence the song is having or just a coincidence? Also what were people saying dd.
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  8. She tweeted it was a coincidence. She recorded this three months ago or something because Kate is one of her favorite artists. I can’t remember exactly what people were saying, but none of it was good. She deleted her post and tweeted this I guess

  9. Kim Petras doing her best Kate Bush impression is not what I expected to hear on this Wednesday.
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  10. I feel like it is very on brand to have a cover that actually sounds pretty good and with the potential to capture the zeitgeist... only to have it relegated to an Amazon exclusive that realistically people will not stream outside of YouTube.
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  11. What is it with relatively good pop artists with shitty opinions/alignments covering Kate Bush? Liz did it too before outing herself as a police supporter in the midst of everything that happened in 2020.
  12. Meg Myers cover of Running Up That Hill is the only cover that matters.
  13. "I get it you think I'm trash and a horrible person"

    Self aware queen!
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  14. Placebo though.

    Also the cover is decent enough if ultimately pretty toothless (a recurring theme with Kim these days), but her uh..."response" is a lot. "Sorry I'm THE WORST PERSON EVER" is not the serve she thinks it is
  15. Tea
  16. Her vocals on that cover... sweet baby Jesus. Good thing she retracted before anyone could draw comparisons to the only cover version that matters:

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  17. Kim’s vocals … what kinda billygoat filter did they slap all over it? BOOT.
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  18. Nobody should cover Running Up That Hill anyway.
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  19. cpr


    Chromatics’ cover is iconic.

  20. It’s also been sampled/re-recorded on a progressive house track from Anyma back in December 2021.

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