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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

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  2. Honestly, Kate bush has so many amazing songs waiting to be covered and SO MANY have failed to successfully cover “Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)” that I don’t understand why anyone would. When I was first getting into Kate Bush it was my much cooler older brother who gave me The Sensual World for Christmas and soon I stole his Hounds of Love copy (still mine). He introduced me to The Futureheads cover of the titular song and I love it!
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  3. This cover was actually my introduction to Kate Bush so I have a soft spot for it dd.
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  4. Nothing is topping Natalia deconstructing the instrumental of "Wuthering Heights"


  5. Can we call XXX a hit now?

  6. Placebo did a good job.
  7. "XXX" should have actually been an Xtina song featuring Peaches (in theory, with different producers also)
  8. Wait, this is actually really good!
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  9. I can appreciate that there's stuff we obviously don't know (because, duh), but I feel like there should be documentation of her being signed to Luke prior to the Republic deal? Like, there's no paper trail at all. Maybe that's just the cynic in me not instantly believing anything that might get her the benefit of the doubt when she and everyone around her have repeatedly proven to be enablers who are extremely pro-Luke as well. We know Kim was being handled by RX Songs as, like, some sort of unofficial (as in, she's never appeared on their roster) management agreement alongside Maverick, but I don't know if there was anything beyond that. And I believe her publishing didn't switch to RX until "Malibu" was released. Which is when I think her old music started switching over to the Amigo label on DSPs. I just can't see how she could have been signed to him in any official capacity beyond the management deal when he didn't have an active label since he was ousted from Kemosabe, and Kim had an existing publishing deal with BMG. Sounds like it could have been a verbal agreement that he would officially sign her later? I think he registered Amigo in 2017, so it lines up. That's not an attempt to negate any of what you're saying, I just think it's a really murky situation on both sides, and I'm trying to figure out how she could have been signed to him this long and nobody found any proof of it.

    As far as the album goes, I think Aaron recently said it was Republic who didn't like what Kim played them and they sent her back to the drawing board with other producers. I can, however, see Luke being all for some shit like Slut Pop, because he is a 15 year old man child. Interesting that Republic seemingly wanted to release "All She Wants" when it was sounding like "Hit It From The Back" was going to be released. I could see a difference in opinion between them and Luke there as well.
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  10. Wait a minute...

    This is amazing
  11. What they’ve told me is that they didn’t want to release “Hit It From The Back” for Pride since they wanted a switch from the dick-sucking and all the sexual stuff that they were coming from with Slut Pop
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  12. Okay, yeah, that makes sense. They should have just stuck that song on the EP like they were planning. Not sure why it was held for the album, when the whole point was to move all those sexual songs off the project and create Slut Pop.
  13. All She Wants is the song featuring Paris, right? It's one of the better tracks we've heard from the shelved album.
  14. Yeah, she's performed it a couple times. It's definitely the best we've heard so far

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  15. Does Paris call anyone the N word on this song, or is it just the usual pandering to AIDS-ridden gay men she despises? Would just appreciate a fair trigger warning before I listen.
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  16. RMK


    Months ago, the general consensus here was that Luke became more interested in Doja/others and put Kim on the back-burner, likely halting her creative process. This claim gives that validity, while also highlighting that she may be contractually bound to him? It makes sense considering one huge advantage of moving to Republic is being able to fund big collaborators like Max, yet barely any new names ever make the cut.

    I can also see, based on what we've heard, Republic and Luke not loving the material.
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  17. I've been enjoying her Running Up That Hill cover more than I like to admit. I switch between it and the original every now and again.
  18. That breakdown is literally a copy and paste job of Rain On Me.
  19. That, and the ‘da da da’ is almost identical to the one in Milky’s Just The Way You Are
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