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Kim Petras - "If Jesus Was a Rockstar" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I wish Max had refused to work with her tho…
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  2. RMK


    I wish Max brought her better material.
  3. I don't. She doesn't deserve better material.
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  4. It doesn’t make a huge amount of sense that someone would happily fund Slut Pop, then pay to fly her to Sweden and to work with Max and other expensive producers… but refuse to at least license All She Wants and Hit from the Back for streaming.
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  5. She released a video on TikTok saying 'she's out of popstar jail' maybe any restrictions that prevented her from working with these produces is now an option
  6. What's this now? (I've just found it on top of the US iTunes charts)

  7. God the Sam Smith song is so bad. Kim does have the better part in it though so that was charitable of Sam. Too much so though, as Kim is undeserving of this ride on Sam Smith's coattails.
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  8. All my friends are obsessed with this song because of tiktok. The worst part of it all for me besides Kim Petras rising on the charts is that Slayyyter can make a song like this and 10000x better but only gays would care
  9. WTF did I just listen to? If I could take back that stream. This belongs in the garbage with Slut Pop, but people will eat it up just like Lucky Charms, won’t they?
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  10. This sounds potentially really good.
  11. RMK


    Kim Petras has the number one song on Global Spotify? Did not see that coming this year
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  12. 7 writers for 2 verses and 2 rounds of the chorus?

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  14. Broken Glass is a really first rate banger considering it's Kygo. It's aged really well and she's never sounded better.
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  15. Weird bone to pick, considering the average Girls Aloud song also has an average of 7-8 songwriters credited. I don't think Unholy is good, but it's just how pop works.
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  16. I can’t believe this is doing well. I’m a Sam bop apologist (I think we all know and appreciate when they give us the goods) and I have never wanted to play this more than once. Kim is…what she is. She can make absolute mega bops but I stopped outright supporting her a long time ago. That this song (sort of) and video feel queer and the package is doing well… everything feels off.
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  17. It was surprising for such a repetitive song clocking in at 2 and a half minutes. That’s all.
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The one good (?) thing about her now being on a smash hit is that it's bought Icy back in my life.
  19. Having a hard-time wanting to revisit "Turn Off The Light" this month, for obvious reasons. I enjoy the music but everything about it, from it's producers and it's artist make me feel icky.
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