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Kim Petras - Malibu (+ Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I would like a translation of those emojis.
  2. Whoa. She's really just chuckin' 'em out.
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  3. The sheer rate of hits. I wasn’t too impressed with All I Do Is Cry so this is a nice distraction (as if I need one, I’m still bald on a daily basis from listening to Sweet Spot).
  4. Loving this approach. The cover makes me think it will be in the same vein as Sweet Spot.
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  5. The visuals have been nothing short of amazing. Ugh. Kim. Stop working with Luke so I can unabashedly stan.
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  6. The level of professionalism... far too much!
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  7. Do Me will surely be another hit to add to the collection.
  8. I've finally succumbed and delved into her discography (after previously only being familiar with some of her more recent songs and the, er, spooky-sounding EP that I've forgotten the name of), and there's so much to love. She has so many good songs.
  9. I like everything she's put out in the last month or so. Blow It All is probably still my fave, I do like All I Do Is Cry but it sounds quite similar to the former.

    There's literally so many pop girls releasing music on Friday I can't keep up.
  10. Of the new stuff Got My Number is the most streamed surprisingly, followed by Broken. Seems like warmer artwork for the warmer tracks and vice versa. Perched for this!
  11. Every track has been brilliant, and I love that this new suite of songs feels both distinct from Era 1 and yet still entirely in the same vein. Ugh, ha mind.

    Has a 'new' artist without a major label album out ever had SO much banging material from which to pull setlists?
  12. It’s out there. Kind of a slow jam?
  13. Kiss it lick it flip it leave your handprints on my ass...

    It's like a more advanced version of Slow It Down and I'm about it
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  14. I'm loving everything about her - but why does she insist on working with Dr. L*ke on EVERY song? Is he really contributing that much? It makes me think she actually is under contract with him, despite what she says to the media.
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  15. Jesus, Do Me absolutely slaps! Why is she such a relentless wig thief? This is properly brilliant.
  16. Things like this are pretty easily researched even if she were, and even before she said anything about it, we already knew she was under no obligation to work with him. She merely confirmed it.

    Her “label” is AWAL, her publishing is with BMG, her management is with Larry Rudolph/Maverick. There’s not really any way Luke can worm his way into a proper deal with her.
  17. I do wonder if all of these will end up making the album? I feel like it's going to be a 16 track affair anyway.
  18. A pop girl actually delivering a Vol. 2 of a project?

  19. Do Me is a proper MOMENT and also unexpected. I live.
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  20. It'll be called something else entirely by the time it comes to Halloween, rendering the 'Volume 1' titling on the original as annoying every time other pop girls have done that.
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