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Kim Petras - Malibu (+ Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I'm going through her first era playlist after thinking about @Jonathan27's reply to mine and it's good! Heart to Break is a stunner.
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  2. At first I felt like Clarity was a cute interlude and nothing more but it has grown on me massively.
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  3. Do Me
    Sweet Spot
    Blow It All
    Got My Number
    All I Do Is Cry
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  4. Honestly, same. It’s still buried in what I would rate - but it’s actually not that bad!
  5. Tour has started and the unreleased song is 'Personal Hell'

    I'll be at the Atlanta show, let me know if you'll be there!
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  6. I'm getting Obsession (Sky Ferreira) and Reach Out (Hilary Duff) thrown into a blender vibes from Personal Hell.
  7. Oh damn, I love this. Sounds like a classic Katy Perry song.
  8. aux


    Apparently this is from Turn Off The Light, Vol. 2
  9. It's out and it's MASSIVE.

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  10. FUCK. This is giving me Britney vibes.
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  11. Can't wait til midnight for this. The artwork is so good.

    I had a minor moment to All I Do Is Cry yesterday meaning I now really like all 7 so far. And yes, Clarity is pretty brilliant in a low-key way. Her quality control is so outrageous. She's the bitch with the sauce.
  12. Aaand it's out tonight
  13. Reminds me of Circus-era Britney, the chorus doesn't go as hard as I'd like it to but it's still pretty solid.
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  14. This is a surprisingly dead on comparison. Sits right next to “Shattered Glass” pretty perfectly.

    Also kind of reminds me of

  15. Personal Hell is GOOOOOOOOOOOOD
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  16. It's literally "Radar".
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  17. Yeah it's those damn sonar synths ddd.
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  19. Does PJ not like Radar either?
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