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Kim Petras - Malibu (+ Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. A bit random how ALMA has 0.5 verses and Steff gets 1.5. Only Kim's bit is really any good honestly.
  2. She’s teasing a music video on her Instagram.
  3. So rather than being the Halloween visual we all need, she’s releasing a video for Icy...
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  4. Should have been for “Do Me” but oh well. The director did the two most recent (incredible) Miley videos, so this should be good.
  5. Good. It would have been stupid to release a video for something off Turn Off The Light when Clarity hadn't even got one yet.
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  6. Icy is one of my favourites off of Clarity so I’m glad that it’s getting a video. It looks promising from the short snippets she’s released.

    I listened to Turn Off The Light and it’s not for me. I just don’t think I enjoy the Halloween sound.
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  7. European tickets go on sale Friday. Didn't see this posted.

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  8. Yaass finally. I’ll be getting Glasgow tickets.
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  9. My Madame X shows fucking up my entire January and February remains iconic.
    I may snatch too anyway.
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  10. Let the spooky season continue for me until January in Berlin!
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  11. Definitely going to snatch a Dublin ticket, I need to experience Sweet Spot live.
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  12. I was so upset when I missed her last gig in London so I'm super happy she's touring again so soon.
  13. The Paris venue (Le Trianon) was where I saw Ke$ha right after she had released Cannibal and had another no 1 with We R Who We R - bittersweet and also amazing Kim is playing there with 0 real hits and albums.
  14. And the same producer!
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  15. That is why I said it's bittersweet.
    Sweet that she's having the success and bitter it's him.
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  16. For how much material she's released, she certainly should have more videos than I Don't Want it at All, Faded and Heart to Break
  17. Wow this looks so good already
  18. It's giving me 5 In The Morning via Kylie and I'm so here for it.
  19. Is Icy getting a proper push? Radio 1 have played it a few times now and there are times when "tune of the week" leads to getting playlisted. Would be major if she did.
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