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Kim Petras - Malibu (+ Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. It's been discussed here fairly recently I think. It's really despicable, and like...I can't help but still feel awful for Kim despite knowing she most likely doesn't care, or at least doesn't seem to. As I've been saying every time her #problematic antics come up, she really is talented, it's just a shame about...*gestures vaguely at everything else*
  2. Got it. I totally checked out once I decided she's an awful person. I mean, she might not be, but she hasn't proven otherwise.

    I'm just flabbergasted when I see not only basic white gays but also some of my close, very left/political/not basic white gay friends (!!) flock to her (like post her music and go to her concerts and stuff). I suppose I'm glad for trans representation but it's so hollow and, frankly, harmful given her relationships and role in the industry. I feel like the info is out there, but her identity provides the opportunity to rationalize Luke's involvement and her shitty response or something. Honestly drives me nuts nn.
  3. Yeah, it goes without saying: Luke worming his way back into the gay’s good graces via Kim Petras and Doja Cat (ultimately breeding indifference to his presence) is sinister to say the least.

    And while the conversations in here can get intense and extremely cyclical/critical, most of us consume Kim’s music in some form or another, so it’s not like we’re intentionally trying to stir things up and make anyone feel bad, because we’re fans as well. We want her to succeed, just not like this.

    Everyone is problematic to some degree. How you as a consumer choose to “deal” with a problematic fave is your own business. But we should still be able to speak openly and acknowledge and question their actions, as well as the actions of those they choose to surround themselves with, without being branded haters or whatever.
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  4. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    This whole thing has made me realise how...useless she is when it comes to the larger fight for trans rights. Like, yeah, it's nice in theory that a trans woman is having so much success, but I honestly don't feel like it adds up to much when she seems to care so little for her community. If a trans artist who's experienced their fair share of transphobic abuse themselves knew the WBC were going to picket at their concert, I would expect them to do something more about it than pose in front of them for clout and then fuck back off to the inner sanctum. I'd expect the artist to do more to protect the fans who have granted them their privilege in the first place and I don't think that's too much to ask.

    It just seems like she's out for herself and has no interest in paying her privilege forward to trans people who are non-passing, non-white, poor, disabled, or are in any way not as fortunate as her. And like, okay, she doesn't have to be a trans activist 24/7, she can just be a popstar who happens to be trans and that's fine, it's her choice. But when ordinary marginalised people are caught in the crossfire of the bigots coming for her, I'd say it's her responsibility to actually do something to stop it. I don't get to just handwave away the boys who yell slurs at me when I'm walking home at night by posing in front of them for thousands of likes, so I don't think she should either. She should care a little and use her platform to try and prevent situations like that from occurring.
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  5. Mr.Arroz

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    It’s literally a manifestation of white privilege intersecting with trans identity. Just like that classic photo of the Black woman holding up the “remember white women voted for Trump” sign at the Women’s March not too long ago. You can be quote-unquote “socially disadvantaged” and still side with that one part of yourself that grants you power, no matter how significant others find it. Kim clearly cares for herself and doesn’t really have the capacity to do otherwise. And if that’s untrue, she’s committed to not demonstrating that in any larger fashion. So yeah, fuck her and her dumb little antics, as well as the white and white-pandering gays that are in her corner. If you truly want to follow a celebrity that does the work, shows up, and speaks out then follow Indya Moore. At least they willingly listen to critique and allow themselves growth when called out, as any reasonable person should do.
  6. This. I am apalled that I'm, ultimately, enabling human scum to profit off of my passion for escapism. I am still so angry and conflicted with everything surrounding her because I can't invest the way I want to in her. Sometimes I'm just rolling my eyes when she does messy shit like the protest stunt and it further reminds me why it's better to distance myself... but then Another One comes on a daily mix and I remember that Clarity is pretty much the best thing I've heard all year long and I'm back at square 1.
  7. Is she finally ditching Luke?

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  8. More like trying to recruit more producers Luke can leech off of
  9. I wonder why she deleted the tweet? Were people clowning her in the replies?
  10. Not at all. A mixture of people guessing she was finally dropping Luke with relief and producers/artists forwarding their work. It recently appears that she deletes tweets with heavy replies about her working with Luke.
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  11. Was this her first “major” appearance the other day? Not bad considering she was supposedly deathly ill

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  12. that was a struggle
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  13. I dont suppose anyone has a spare ticket for the first Manchester date?

    I'm seeing Carly the night before and my friend has just bagged a ticket for Kim so I am desperate to join.
  14. Thinking about going to her show in two weeks... has anybody in here been? I enjoy most of her music, but not sure about seeing her live.
  15. I had a great time when I saw her. She sounds fantastic live with less help from autotune than people have said on Twitter etc. She nailed all the vocal "moments" in songs like Hillside Boys, Close Your Eyes, etc.

    Her choreo is pretty much what you'd expect from a pop star that grew up in the 2000s (lots of arm and hairography) but she makes it fun and has solid stage presence all round.

    I don't know if the setlist is the same as when I saw her in October; she played pretty much all of Turn Off the Light then.

    Overall I'd say it's worth it.
  16. It's absolutely worth it. One of the best acts I've seen live in 2019.
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  17. This. She completely demolished Manchester Pride, she’s a star.
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  18. I'm seeing Kim in Dublin in less than a month. Wonder will she switch up the setlist? I'd love to have Another One included back in and I could definitely do without the Human cover.
  19. She’s performing on Good Morning America this Friday.

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