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Kim Petras - Malibu (+ Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Serving XCX3 leak, but with a solid release date.
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  2. So after Kim's feature on Unlock It I listened to her solo tracks and...we have decided to stan.
  3. Same. Slow It Down is so damn good.
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  4. Same! I had no idea who she was but after listening to Hills, I can’t forget her. She’s a star.
  5. Welcome to the stan train dear xoxoxxx.
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  6. Hoping on board the stan train, I've had all four of her songs and Unlock It on repeat these past couple of days.
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  7. So glad to see people getting into Kim's music. She's amazing.
  8. Never heard of her until Unlock It but her solo tracks are fab. VERY Charli (hence half of us not even realising she was a featured VOCALIST) but I love that.
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  9. MTE. It was painful to see everyone ignoring her here.
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  10. Kim Petras for Pop Pres 2018.

    Hillside Boys snatched me by the wig this morning in between listens of Pop 2.
  11. These four songs have been on repeat the past week. Bring on “Faded” queen!
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  13. Not her using "binch" too! We love a PopJustice visitor.
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  14. @SelenaGomez turn your location on
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  15. Not her making the Hot 100 her mission but coming for chart-bop-mastermind Julia Michaels not a month before! Queen of making life harder for herself.
  16. Ok I gasped at the cameo in the I Don't... video! Kim needs to let go of my remaining hair.
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  17. Proud to have been an early, original Petridish.
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  18. Her fans can be Cleopetras, eh?
  19. Okay but you ain't Petricor until you've watched this:

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  20. Bye
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