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Kim Petras - "Malibu" + General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. The amount of clowns on his payroll is insane. He's really surrounded by the worst people in the industry.
  2. This Aaron Joseph person feels like a...chaotic source at best.

    I'll be interested to see what the production credits look like, in the meantime we have a full Doja tracklist with just three L*ke productions so let's celebrate that!
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  3. He opened for her on tour and has been involved with songwriting/production on almost every track she's released, so if anyone knows the situation best outside of Kim and L*ke, it's him.
  4. They're also roommates dd
  5. They all have the brain of a horny teenage boy. I remember one of Luke's collaborators thought it was funny to reveal that Kesha dated Calvin Harris at one of his depositions and that they went through her phone and saw a dick pic. Like ... what was the point of saying that?
  6. I'm aware of that. I'm just not putting stock into tweets from anyone who makes comments about 'woke police' and 'mighty justice warrior' regardless of how close they are to the source.
  7. These are things Kim probably looks for in friends, sadly!

  8. Not "heresay"
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  9. Eaux.
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  10. We love a co-sign from a right-wing ding bat!
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  11. Kim Petras remains a terrible originality-challenged popstar. She said one time that her music is like her diary and I'm thinking, "How could anybody's diary possibly be this uninteresting? I thought diaries had juicy shit in them. These are literally cookie-cutter pop songs."

    I think I'd be less likely to be so harsh if her personality didn't creep me the hell out.
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  12. I love Poor and Simpel by
  13. I thought this was Ari
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  14. Can't wait for the new era
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  15. Malibu came on at the club and I regrettably must say it popped the hell off
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  16. Can't wait to try to ignore the new era, accidentally listen to a few of the songs, and then drag them being for the trite nothingness they are destined to be.
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  17. I don't know sis, it seems counterproductive to bump a thread for an artist just to say you're going to try to ignore them. It's not like her songs chart nn, she's easy to avoid.
  18. RMK


    I'm honestly not that eager or thirsty for anything from her. Clarity got me hyped, that entire roll-out was solid and the songs ranged from good to great. Malibu, however, was a misfire and that was her last real offering that they put a lot into. Reminds Me was better, and that was a reject.
  19. You right, but that was more a joke about my personal problem with being unable to refrain rom ranting about stuff I don't like. I guess it didn't land though.
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