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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Yeah Sweet Spot is great. A true queen giving the gays what they want even on a Monday.
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  2. Sweet Spot sounds like Selena Gomez circa Stars Dance (especifically Undercover) meets 2001 French house.

    A banger.
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  3. I’ve put on Undercover for the first time in a least a year and

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  4. If this is true.

  5. I know someone who asked her about vinyl at a M&G and she said she was working on vinyl for the singles from last year and blood splatter for Turn Off the Light
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  6. Blood splatter even! She really didn't come to play on her mission to save pop music.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Sweet Spot is brilliant. Gives me a little Discovery era Daft Punk mixed with Heavy Metal Lover by Lady Gaga.

    Broken > Sweet Spot > Blow It All > Got My Number.
  9. Sweet Spot and Blow it All are pop perfection
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  10. The commitment to give the gays everything they want dot gif.
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  11. Sweet Spot is so deliciously Kylie.
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  12. Broken is the only song from this era that's really clicked with me so far. I dunno what it is about the other three, but the 00s vibes kind of work against them? They lack the charm of the Era 1 songs, Turn Off the Light and even Feeling of Falling. Sweet Spot in particular sounds like it was chucked out in a panic solely to keep the "pure pop" crowd on board.
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  13. I mean, the song was always going to come out regardless, so I don’t necessarily see an issue if it was a “panic” release – just means we got it sooner.
  14. My take: I think her voice and writing more than link together her different little experimentations in genres. Trappy, triplet flows have always been there, and so have big, repetitive pop hooks - it all still feels like her even if these new tracks are more varied.
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  15. I mean I guess? I just don't think the song's anything special either way, and it sounds out of place following three songs that sound like deliberate attempts to move away from the Era 1 electropop sound.
  16. Feeling of Falling has no charm. It's dreadful. Sweet Spot is a killer pop song full of her personality, there's no comparison.
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  17. Wait, Sweet Spot is fucking INCREDIBLE. It sounds so much like Future Funk which is 100% my shit.
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  18. But she always said she had more dance-pop tracks coming alongside those other tracks that maybe stepped away from that sound a bit. Fair enough if you aren’t feeling it, but it seems as if you’re acting like this song wasn’t always there and like she was attempting to make some huge sonic leap before fans had a meltdown, and that’s not accurate. What she’s doing is comparable, in the most superficial sense, to the transition from The Fame to The Fame Monster, aka different but not a stretch. It’s more of an expansion than a whole new sound.
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  19. Hopefully I'll get tickets for the Amsterdam date! Anyone else going?
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  20. I am. I'll be the one with a face like a smacked arse when she pays dust to Can't Do Better.
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