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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Welp just listened to sweeet spot, there goes my wig
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  2. I'm completely obsessed with Sweet Spot. The production, her voice and the ad-libs are so on point. All four tracks are amazing, now give us the album queen.
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  3. I'm just too excited. I got an email from her manager a few minutes ago to do an interview with Kim. They wanted to know what the interview is about (i guess they don't want certain questions) and she said Kim is a lot in the studio so we need to find a moment. I'm shaking.
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  4. That's amazing! I hope it works out!
  5. Sweet Spot is another knockout. Her only track below a 9 at this point is Homework.
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  6. Please be the one fan who actually asks good questions, not what's her favourite shade of pink.
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  7. Honestly, with Sweet Spot and Aly & AJ's Sanctuary, I don't need any other songs released this year. What would be the point?
  8. Sweet Spot is fantastic. Very Fever era Kylie/early 00s Daft Punk. Got My Number has this really nostalgic 90s R&Bish vibe. Both are massive. I think the new singles are more interesting than her previous set.

    The guitar in Blow It All reminds too much of Radiohead's High & Dry for me to bop dddd.
  9. I still can’t over how the guitar riff is almost identical to “Right Through You” by Alanis.
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  10. So I like all of her newest songs, which is... kind of annoying because now I'm facing the same ethical dilemma as the rest of y'all dd. Sweet Spot and Got Your Number in particular are great.
  11. It's only on here that I hear the Dr. L*ke association mentioned anymore.
    I've accepted it, at this point.
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  12. something something normalization
  13. Go rogue and get her to finally denounce Luke. as if she would ever
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  14. I agree to some extent. It's just that it seems with every song release people make the same comments which are kind of irrelevant if you're still going to listen to all her new music anyway?

    I find solace in the fact that he can't be making anything more than pocket change from her music, but at the same time I guess by supporting her we are contributing to her rise in the mainstream which will ultimately lead to radio-play, sync, etc - where he can actually make money.
  15. Sweet Spot is good but obviously the least interesting from this era to me? Then I see Twitter saying 'thank god she saved the era!' etc so guess vaguely mid-00s production and slight Kylie vibes really will get the gays back on board after veering too heavily into trap!?* Feels like a cute album track at best.

    *that was always present in her early tracks but w/e

    Broken = Blow It All > Got My Number >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sweet Spot
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  16. Yeah, I get that it's not particularly constructive or helpful. For me I haven't listened to a lot of her music because I don't like her earlier releases, so I guess this was my first taste of "well, this is unfortunate..." that everyone else has experienced time and time again.
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  17. I see people in her mentions and comments still begging her to stop associating with him on a regular basis. But the mainstream conversation has stopped because I imagine journalists are no longer allowed to ask about him. I think if you’re going to work with someone like that, you should at least have to answer for it every time.

    But at this point it’s less about Luke and more about the excuses I see people throw out to justify supporting Kim, like “she’s an up and coming struggling trans artist” and “she has no choice but to work with him” that people continually hide behind, both of which have been debunked by her own circle of friends. Just say you like it and move on. No need to lie to anyone or yourself about it.

    We all have problematic faves, and as long as you remain aware and critical and acknowledge that you are making a choice to support this person, then whatever.
  18. But has anyone noticed this sounds a bit like Fever era Kylie?
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  19. Her quality control is frighteningly good.
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  20. It doesn’t sound like the album is coming before tour like originally reported based on the more recent interview, but she’ll have a good chunk of it out for sure.
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