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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. I thought this after reading the interview. Weirdly, I trust it'll be out some time during Summer. She's been pretty consistent with her releases so far.
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  2. She’ll probably drop it in time for the UK/EU dates
  3. Stopped caring about album and shifting all of main focus on Turn Off The Light, Vol. II anticipation.
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  4. Still no presale information for Amsterdam? Weird!
  5. “Sweet Spot” sounds like if “Music Sounds Better With You” was a Kylie song. Amazing.
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  6. If she had released Dark Part of Your Heart instead of Homework all of the KP1 songs would've been 10/10 immaculate bops, except maybe Faded
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  7. These songs sound pretty good but for me they lack the charm of her earlier stuff. I've been getting a bit bored with her output since that Halloween EP, which didn't age well. The songs are technically on point, but they also sound pretty derivative. But I guess that's fine for where she is in her career. And her pop voice is still strong as fuck.

    Got My Number is definitely my favorite out of the bunch. It sounds the least current but it also has the most charisma. That jangly breakdown at the end is the shit.
  8. Fuck, that one is so good.

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  9. If she released Dark Part, Push Push Push and Shame On Me instead of the tringle that actually came out, KP1 would've been pretty immaculate.
  10. Dark Part of Your Heart seems to clearly be from the same sessions as the other singles so I wonder why it got sacked. I have all the first era songs in my iTunes as an album called Singles and I have Dark Part of Your Heart on it instead of Homework, which is her only song I didn't illegally download. It would be better as a solo track, but even then its just kinda blah.
  11. Whooooa. I totally missed "Dark Part Of Your Heart." I cannot believe she didn't release that! It's exactly the power ballad that set of songs was missing.
  12. Aaron implied that it was because it leaked (although I’m pretty sure he was the source of that so...). Kim later confirmed that they abandoned the track.
  13. London tickets are (secured) in the bag! £15 each, thank you Queeeen.
  14. Presale info got emailed and presale links are up on her site now!

    I got my ticket for Amsterdam, humble queen. €16,- only!
    See you hunties there!
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  15. Got my Amsterdam tickets! So cheap I bought a spare which I hope to hawk to one of my hunties later on.
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  16. Got my ticket to see her in London, can't wait.
    Though I have to say going from paying £8 last time to £110 this time felt so steep - even if it was a VIP.
    This, I definitely agree with. Her friend Aaron (who I loathe, seems like a horrible guy honestly) said she had plenty of options and wasn't forced to work with Luke.
  17. Broken is her best song. I decided.
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  18. Everytime I hear Broken it reminds me of icebox by Omarion.
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  19. My friend is joining me for the Amsterdam date, weeeew. I should get commission from Kim.
    Let me get some more hunties to join.
  20. Amsterdam venue got upgraded to Paradiso! Now playing to 1500 people. Awesome!
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