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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. The way she’s singing reminds me of another song but I can’t put my finger on which one
  2. Same. I felt the same about the "yooooooOOuUuuUu" parts of Sweet Spot also.
  3. 'All I Do Is Cry' is an emotional bop! However I think the autotune on this track is a bit much for the kind of song it is.
  4. Another great track.
  5. Me listening out for a woo-ah


    Send it back.
  6. I wonder why Kim liked this tweet?
    Does she have beef with anyone?
  7. She probably does, but Zara Larsson tweeted something about the Game of Thrones finale and someone snapped in response. It's probably a reference to something else I don't know though
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  8. Oh haha! I missed that!
  9. All I Do Is Cry feels like a lyrical retread of Broken and Blow It All sonically. The outro is cute I guess, probably the worst of the bunch for me.
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  10. Completely the opposite for me. Best of the bunch in my opinion.
  11. It's Undercover by Selena Gomez.
  12. Oh my GOD.

    I never would have figured that out, you're a lifesaver.
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  13. The melody reminds me of another song....
  14. Post Malone.
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  15. Okay, All I Do Is Cry is really good. It's like a lost Hot-Topic-pop song with a 2019 facelift.
  16. Another great song...
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  17. This era is fantastic.
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  18. This wasn’t posted

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  19. This actually my favorite of her recent releases.
  20. All I Do Is Cry >>> Blow It All > Got My Number = Broken >>>> Sweet Spot
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