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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Clarity being nothing more than an interlude is homophobic.
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  2. These artists are also still performing these songs live as well. I’d maybe feel differently if there were some sort of boycott of Luke’s production material past, present and future, and if the artists decided to pull all that old stuff from their setlists, but there hasn’t been. Those songs are still theirs as much as they are his, maybe even moreso theirs in some cases.
  3. An album of brand new songs... That will be amazing.
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  4. I can get behind this. I think there’s a particular struggle in the disparity between raising the visibility of a trans artist and supporting a rapist. As has been said, Luke’s been cut off at the knees from industry support, so there’s not the risk of him regaining power in nearly the same capacity. Does the increased visibility for a trans artist offset the share of coin given to Luke, particularly when he gets that share from non-trans artists by virtue of them working with him before we found out just how diabolical he was?

    This is all conjecture, more so something I’m interested in getting feedback on. Obviously the ideal scenario would be that she doesn’t work with Luke at all (and at this point I’m not sure it would even change the music given his superficial involvement), but we’re in a weird transition where she’s big enough to get major label offers but not big enough to face true industry shutout in a way that would force her hand. It’s just incredibly frustrating knowing that there are other options for her and she’s deliberately turned them down, but I also wonder if this ultimately has an expiration date because I can’t see her being satisfied with this level of success forever? There are just...a lot of moving pieces here very specific to the contemporary music landscape; I think more than anything the conversations here are a productive way of parsing through this.
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  5. Well were we aware of all the crap that was going on with Kesha behind the scenes while she served us bops? I don’t think so.
  6. The last chorus of Do Me is just...whew.
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  7. As I said, everyone involved with Kim including the artist herself has said she has no contractual obligation to him.
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  8. Actually there were signs for quite a while that things were not right between Kesha and Luke, like for years. We maybe didn’t know the depth of it, but to say we didn’t know anything is underselling it by quite a bit. And as mentioned several times in this thread, not only is this matter easily researched, as in we can look up Kim’s publishing, etc. but we’ve heard it from her and several people within her circle that she’s not bound to Luke in any way, has several offers on the table from different record labels, and is allowed to work with whatever producers she wants
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  9. Just gave the run of singles a listen through all at once and came up with this ranking:

    1) Blow It All
    2) Do Me
    3) All I Do Is Cry
    4) Broken
    5) Clarity
    6) Sweet Spot
    7) Got My Number

    The top 4 I love, Clarity is middle of the road and the bottom 2 I don’t think i’ll Be listening to much again.
  10. My ranking would be:

    Sweet Spot
    Got My Number
    Do Me
    Blow It All
    All I Do Is Cry

    But honestly I love them all. Her discography is relentless, and she’s absolutely one of my favourite women in pop at the moment.
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  11. Sweet Spot, Blow It All and Do Me are next level. She's incredible, the growth from the last "era" to this is really pronounced.
  12. The tracks I return to least are Blow It All and All I Do is Cry...chuck them off the setlist Kimberly.

    She confirmed If U Think About Me would be on it
  13. I've already set on fire every album/single by Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Ciara, The Veronicas, Britney Spears, Becky G, G.R.L... that has been produced by Dr. Luke. Haven't you?

  14. This isn’t as cute as you think it is
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  15. "All I Do Is Cry" is one of my favorites. That chorus is such an earworm.
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  16. How has every single one of your posts since 2017 been awful?
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  17. All I Do Is Cry is the only one that’s less than 9/10 for me and that’s like, barely below.
  18. "Broken" and "Clarity" are definitely my favourites of the new songs, cause they both make me feel like a bad bitch. For a white girl from Germany she has a pretty good flow. "Clarity" is way too short though. Sounds like it's missing a bridge or outro.
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  19. Do Me
    Sweet Spot
    All I Do Is Cry
    Got My Number
    Blow It All
  20. Broken > Clarity > Do Me > Sweet Spot > All I Do Is Cry > Blow It All > Got My Number
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