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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. "Do Me"'s ad-libs coupled with the production continually buzzing and whirring in your ears is such a winning combination.
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  2. Rankings, eh?

    Do Me
    Sweet Spot
    Got My Number
    Blow It All
    All I Do Is Cry

    Not a single one below an 8 though. Her quality control is astonishing.
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  3. Do Me
    Sweet Spot
    Got Ny Number
    All I Do Is Cry
    Blow It All

    Do Me and Sweet Spot change frequently but they’re both 11s. It’s genuinely insane to me how incredible and consistent her releases have been. I’m beginning to truly stan.
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  4. She has the release schedule that Charli XCX and LIZ deserve.
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  5. Do Me
    Sweet Spot
    Got My Number
    Blow It All
    All I Do is Cry
    1. All I Do Is Cry
    2. Got My Number
    3. Do Me
    4. Sweet Spot
    5. Broken
    6. Blow It All
    7. Clarity
  6. I think I like Clarity more than last week's song. I weirdly love how short it is.
  7. Do Me is just... incredible. One of my favourite songs of the year so far.
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  8. Do Me = Broken = Sweet Spot > Got My Number > Clarity > All I Do is Cry > Blow It All

    I'm glad most of us have recognized Do Me and Broken as superior
  9. I’ve always liked her and enjoyed her schtick, and really wanted to support her despite not always being interested in all of her music, until this era began. Something about the rollout, the songs themselves, the artwork, the visualizers, the progression in her writing and persona - it’s all just clicking for me and is so much more interesting and my taste than a majority of her music prior.

    It all just feels so right and her, and it sucks I still have to ponder the broader morality whilst watching her ascent. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this, but I wanted to levy some praise on her for this era - it’s great stuff if you ask me.
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  10. Her artwork has truly been on point this era, but the neon bun heads were also amazing.
  11. At the rate she has been throwing all these quality bops out, it really wouldn't surprise me if she drops an entirely new album. Hope I'm right.
  12. 1) Do Me
    2) Sweet Spot
    3) All I Do is Cry
    4) Blow it All
    5) Clarity
    6) Broken
    7) Got my Number
  13. I think mine has changed a bit from the first time.
    1. Broken
    2. Do Me
    3. Sweet Spot
    4. Blow It All
    5. Clarity
    6. Got My Number
    7. All I Do Is Cry
  14. 1. Do Me
    2. Blow It All
    3. All I Do Is Cry
    4. Broken
    5. Sweet Spot
    6. Clarity
    7. Got My Number

    but really I love the top 5. Her quality control is amazing.
  15. 1. Do Me
    2. Sweet Spot
    3. Got My Number
    4. Blow It All
    5. Broken
    6. All I Do Is Cry
    7. Clarity
  16. Does anyone know what 'secure the bag' means? She says it at the end of Got My Number.
  17. It means getting money. Securing that cheque.
  18. Thanks
  19. I don't know why my mind jumped to drugs dddd
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