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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Literally just found her on apple music and i fell in love all her songs are bops.
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  2. She’s so great.
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  3. Slow It Down popped up on my New Music playlist and WHEW every song is incredible. I can’t choose between Hillside Boys and Hills as her best.
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  4. Luckily, you can have them all. I still can’t believe how consistent she’s been. So ready to hear the next song.
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  5. I'm lowkey bummed we don't at least have remixes to go along with some of these, they're crying out for some unique reinterpretations.
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  6. If you wanna choose Hillside Boys...I got yaaaaaaaaaa.
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  7. A song called "For Me" leaked. Sounds pretty recent.

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  8. That would sound really good if it was finished. The vocals are incredibly rough
  9. Not a fan of For Me...
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  10. You can hear the live version of Heart To Break in Jesse Saint John’s Insta story. Sounds like another bop tibb! She has such a fantastic voice for pop.
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  11. Heart To Break is gonna end me.
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  12. Wednesday can't come soon enough
  13. This is from 2014.
  14. Heart To Break is nice.

    I'd say:
    Faded > Hillside Boys > I Don't Want It At All >>> Heart To Break >>> Hills > Slow It Down

    Pick Him For Me could be between I Don't and Heart if updated. Hopefully more older demos she did in America leak.
  15. Heart to Break is amazing. Is it possible for her to do wrong?
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  16. Heart to Break...


    She's the best.
  17. The fashion film that was playing as she thanked the dancers was giving me early Gaga club appearance vibes. I'm truly excited to see where she goes
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  18. Iiiiiiinteresting. I'd say:

    Hillside Boys > Slow It Down > Heart To Break > Faded > Hills >I Don't Want It At All.

    But like, even reading all of those together I'm kind of in awe of how consistent she's been.
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  19. I feel weird because I don’t really see what y’all do in Hillside Boys. It’s not even that it’s bad, but it just feels a little...redundant? Like it’s so heavily influenced by the Bonnie+Katy circa 2010 sound to the point where it takes me out of the song a little.

    Having said all that, it’s still like a 7/10, which speaks volumes about her quality control.
  20. The appeal is that it sounds straight from 2010. It's been a while and we're due a comeback.
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