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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Also the performance with the dancers in different suits on his story looked fun!!
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  2. The variation-within-conformity single covers, all for incredible consistent-in-quality singles... everything so far has made me stan so hard.
  3. I still low key dislike the single covers, and they nearly made me ignore her early on.
  4. I've gone from bopping to HiIlside Boys over the past few months to becoming obsessed with it. The lyrics, THAT middle 8, the post middle 8 guitar.

    You look so pretty when you're breaking me.
    (Oh Me, Oh My)
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  5. Hillside Boys has to go top 40 at some point. Make a video, do a remix in Spring, whatever it takes to take that song to mainstream success. So good.
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  6. “Heart to Break” is brilliant.
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  7. When that synth kicked in on the first few seconds, WIG.

  8. It's over
    In your range rover
    And I don't know, why I want ya

    But you look so pretty
    When you're breakin' me in!

    Honestly, the most subtly sexy/messy pop verse I've heard in ages.
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  9. Heart to Break just might be the most gay-shriek-inducing thing we’ve heard from her yet, which is saying a lot.

    Queen of giving me a reason to look forward to Valentine’s Day.
  10. Hillside Boys is her best track. Who cares that it's generic when it BANGS so hard.
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  11. I tried to fight
    But I can't help it
    Don't care if this is my worst mistake (noo ooo)
    'Cause no one else (no. one. else)

    Could do it better (beeetter)
    That's why I give you my heart to break (ooh!)

  12. Yes Hillside Boys is the one and deserves a video and chart domination in a perfect world.
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  13. Hillside Boys is great, but it's a little too derivative to do anything chart-wise.

    Faded is the only thing she's released that sounded like a hit.
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  14. It's SO Dangerous Woman. I love it.
  15. God, I can't tell you how HAPPY this Hillside Boys love is making me.
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  16. Is Heart to Break getting released on Friday or tonight at midnight?
  17. Tonight at midnight
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  18. UM. WOW. This is REALLY fucking good.
  19. A motherfucking bop.

  20. Listening to it right now.

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