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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Yeah, I just listened to that five times in a row. It's my new fave after Hillside Boys most certainly. Fabulous.
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  2. One look at you, I'm paralyzed
    I feel my body saying "YAAAAAASSSS"
  3. Between her and Rina tonight...
  4. I love Valentine's Gay.
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  5. So this is officially her best song (sorry Hillside Bible still love you). I love that it's her favorite too. Queen of taste.
  6. Slow It Down is still her best for me.

    Like I said the other day though, her quality control is impeccable. All the songs she's put out, when played together, give me the Love. Angel. Music. Baby. of the decade and it's fantastic.
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  7. This, Hills, Slow It Down, and Hillside Boys are all 10/10 bops tibb. The others are still like 7-8s.
  8. If I were to rate all 6 songs, the average would be 10.17

  9. When you order it online

    When it arrives
  10. Has been on repeat for 20 minutes. What a song.
  11. Planning my everyday outfits accordingly to suit my new bald look.

    That fucking middle 8 is divine.
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  12. I love this!
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  13. bussy : in ribbons
  14. That beat is a bit Sexxx Dreams isn't it?

    Kim releases an earth-shattering bop. Water remains wet.
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  15. I decided to give her a shot with rather low expectations but oh my god, all the songs she put out just destroyed me, so freaking good.
    Guess I know what I'm gonna bop later to in my underwear and a bottle of wine
  16. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    FLIP this is good. Her voice is at her very best.
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  18. Kim deserves more than 19 pages in 9 years on PopJustice of all places. How can we convince the forum to get their butts in gear and begin to properly stan?
  19. So I’ve been slightly reluctant to jump on the Kim train even though I honestly can’t articulate why exactly but this has completely sold me. I’m not even on the train. I’ve been fucking flattened by it and am now typing this from the spirit world.
  20. To be fair, 18.5 of those pages are from September to now

    New song issa bop
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