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Kim Petras

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. 'Blow It All' took a minute to hit me but I think it's in my top three now, with 'Do Me' and 'Icy'.
  2. Wait! What? Have you actually seen her live? Or did you maybe watch some dodgy phone video's on youtube?

    Because the show I saw was zero lip-syncing or autotune.
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  3. She definitely uses live autotune, similar to Charli, there’s no crime in that. But to say she’s straight up lipping is also inaccurate.
  4. The staging is different from the last go around
  5. I appreciate she got some lights this go-around. Do wish she’d get a few backup dancers.
  6. I was gonna say this as well. It dethroned All I Do is Cry in my trinity.
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  7. I vaguely remember her having dancers and a fairly elaborate set (for her) for like two shows and then it was gone? So bizarre.

    Edit: Oh it was for Mardi Gras in Australia
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  8. Okay so Kim is absolutely sickening live. She fell during Death by Sex but no one cared and she played it off really well.

    Absolute moments included There Will Be Blood, Heart to Break, Icy, Do Me and Sweet Spot. I wish the show never ended honestly.
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  9. Roughly what was her set time?
  10. An hour and a half. She had a DJ play a mix of stuff for an hour to get the crowd hyped up, then Kim came on at 9 and ended around 10:30.

    Re: this

    I couldn't even find the merch stand in the venue so I can't tell you ddd.
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  11. Tour setlist from memory, pretty sure I got everything.

    Meet the Parents
    Got My Number
    Blow It All

    [interlude, outfit change]

    I Don't Want It At All
    Hillside Boys
    1,2,3 dayz up
    Unlock It/Click

    Purgatory [interlude, outfit change]

    There Will Be Blood
    Wrong Turn

    knives [interlude, outfit change]

    Death By Sex
    Close Your Eyes
    Everybody Dies

    [interlude, outfit change]

    Human (The Killers acoustic cover)
    Homework (acoustic)

    Do Me
    Can't Do Better
    Heart to Break

    Sweet Spot (encore)
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  12. Now THAT looks like a proper show!
  13. Meet The Parents and Shinin, Homework (acoustic)???? but no Broken, Another One, All I Do Is Cry or Personal Hell? Sis...
  14. I was indeed disappointed at the lack of Broken especially since I wore the Broken necklace tonight.
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  15. The setlist isn't as good as her last. I'm missing The Hills and most importantly Broken. She comes to the U.K. post-Halloween so hopefully a couple of those songs can be taken off.
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  16. I really hope she’s still performing the Halloween songs when she comes to the UK. Death By Sex could pass as a normal track so it shouldn’t matter that it’s February.
  17. The fact that Can't Do Better is on the setlist makes me extremely happy. It better stick around for the EU dates.
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  18. I love her, but...her three weakest songs?
  19. Good news - the Glasgow date has been moved from the Garage to SWG3. Thank god, the Garage is a shithole.
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  20. I’m hoping for a less heavy Turn Off The Light presence at post-Halloween shows. I’ll be disappointed if she doesn’t do All I Do Is Cry, Personal Hell & Broken.
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