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Kim Petras

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. That TMZ article tho.
  2. I didnt event realise WBC were still doing this.
  3. Maybe it's because I hate her now but the best reaction I can come up with is "wow she really thinks she did something". Your publicity stunt have worked!
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  4. Of course all this ended with a photo-op at the picket line. Cute, I guess.

    Made me revisit the video of Gaga talking to protestors outside her show

  5. God, I love Gaga.
  6. Call me when Kim releases a bop of this caliber

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  7. Kim trying to record a bop of this caliber:
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  8. I fucking love her.
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  9. Bat For Lashes 'Lost Girls tour' <3
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  10. You know WHAT
  11. Whats Erika Jayne doing there?
  12. God Still Hates Fags girls I'm shaking. We love a squeakquel.
  13. Katy needs to do herself a favor and stay 5000 feet away from her nn.
  14. Egging on WBC for some publicity is hm. Maybe ignore them and not create an uncomfortable situation for young queer kids next time. I get she wants to live her 2008 pop girl fantasy but this ain't it.
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  15. I'm kinda lost, did Kim "arrange" the picketing somehow?
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  16. No she did not.

    Egging on? What a weird take. And who has she made uncomfortable? I imagine most young queer kids are infinitely more likely to feel inspired or liberated seeing her out there not giving a fuck about those vile homophobes. Good for her.
  17. Sis don't act like she wasn't stoking the flames with those suspect Billboards and idgaf insta post. I don't imagine waiting in line at a concert and having some dumb folks singing about how you're going to hell for being gay is comfortable? If nobody at the concert was bothered, great. It's still a situation that could make some people feel awkward or uncomfortable though. And Kim's in a better/easier position to dissociate from/flip off homophobes than some young kids are. -shrug-
  18. I don't really understand how it's a bad thing either, to be honest? She just demonstrated that nobody should give a fuck about what a transphobic/homophobic church thinks, which can only be positive considering how many of her fans are queer.
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