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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Why are some people even in this tread when they literally say they hate her? I swear to God if she'd ignored those crazy cult people some of y'all would probably have complained about her not speaking up... "because she's evil, no matter what."

    I personally loathe Azealia Banks, but am I in her thread every day like it's the complaint department? Nope. Because it's a waste of time. We really get it... you don't like her, she's problematic, etc etc. But that's not gonna change my views on her, au contraire.

    Her pictures in front of those lunatics are iconic, and it's on you if you don't think they are empowering.
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  2. Strong 'What would Madonna do?' vibes.
  3. Who even said they hated her? I can only speak for myself, but all I want is for her to do better. And for the record, I like her and love her music.

    Can the picture be empowering? Sure. But the road taken to get there meant subjecting LGBTQ+ youth to something they might not have been prepared (emotionally or otherwise) for.

    Also, Popjustice is not and never has been a fansite. We're free to be critical of artists' output or behavior as long as it's done respectfully and with substance.
  4. Because they probably wouldn’t have even bothered with her or the show if she hadn’t had those billboards put up. And major eye-roll at anyone who thinks this wasn’t staged from the start. Billboards are not cheap to rent and her fanbase is hardly made up of Swifties.
  5. I can see both sides of this, particularly if she deliberately put those billboards up to provoke them - but (according to the one photo I saw a couple of days ago anyway), I don’t remember seeing any specific references to the WBC on them?
  6. Oh_heres_the_tea.gif
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  7. Me!

    As has been stated, this isn’t a fan site. Kim in an asshole so if you want to be a fan of hers, then y’all are gonna have to deal with the criticism.

    Her doing a cute Instagram photoshoot in front of Westboro protesters would be somewhat admirable if there wasn’t evidence supporting the fact that her team instigated this whole situation. Like, they’re terrible and always going to be the worst part of any situation they’re involved in, but putting your young queer fans in the line of fire for what is essentially social media clout is shitty.

    She’s the same person who’s chosen to align herself with sexual predators and only seems to give a fuck about herself so I have no qualms calling her out. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt but I’m now pretty uncomfortable with how far this Luke revival is going along with the fact that she continues to act like a buffoon. Her music ain’t good enough to justify any that.
  8. Four billboards were set up around their headquarters, and as far as anyone else could find, they were only put up in Kansas.
  9. I mean I'll quote myself if I have to:
    She did a cute photoshoot in front of the picketers, took a couple videos... then left. And everyone else there had to stand around and continue to listen to their garbage. Congratulations sis, you sure showed them.

    If some want to suddenly act blind as to why people would have an issue when it's been explained by multiple people why they have an issue with it, then I don't know what to tell you.
  10. Even if she "provoked" them – isn't it better to do that and make them look stupid than do nothing and "accept" that a hateful group like them even has a platform in society? Again, maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but personally I would have appreciated it if more artists (or people in general) had not only openly spoken up against, but even ridiculised homophobic/transphobic groups when I was growing up, thus essentially taking away their power and showing that the best way to deal with them is to tell them to go f**k themselves. And from what I could gather (I'm not American, I don't know how much power and impact they have there, so I have to rely on media reports), this church specifically targets events that involve queer artists, so chances are that they would have protested anyway.
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  11. Her speaking up and against them is just fine. It’s the literal poking at the hive for 5 minutes of social media exposure that’s the unsavory part, which in part just ends up giving them the exact attention they crave in the first place. And consider things like Pulse, or you know, the mass shootings that take place here in the states on a daily basis; who knows what sort of psychos could have seen those billboards and the WBC announcement of protesting her show, showed up with them, and possibly done some real harm to people attending.
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  12. Eat some bread.
  13. I love Kim’s voice and her pop sensibilities are excellent. It’s the fact that Dr. Luke is basically using her to get back into the mainline of the industry (and her apparently seeing no issue with that) that’s always been the problem. And since the Jesse Saint John allegations went public, it isn’t exactly the best look for Kim on top of that since he’s also in with Luke and Rx.

    I just wish she had a little more...integrity? So much of the bullshit surrounding her feels like it could’ve been easily avoidable if that were the case.
  14. They barely have a platform these days because people just ignore them. It used to be shocking to have them out protesting things like pop concerts and soldier’s funerals and whatnot, but they’ve already become such a joke that they barely even make the news anymore. Kim gave them exactly what they want, which is publicity. The situation would be totally different if they showed up without all this unnecessary drama before hand – at least then the posing and teasing would be somewhat admirable.
  15. Some would argue that people like Dr. Luke and Jesse Saint John are equally if not more harmful than the Westboro Baptist Church in 2019 ...
  16. Can she speak up for victims of sexual abuse next by doing a photoshoot in front of Dr. Luke's jail cell?
  17. She's too busy speaking up for people who suffer from transphobic abuse.
  18. This is really something that you wrote without a hint of irony...

    You know you can speak out about multiple causes right? And not just the one that personally affects you. Especially when your "speaking out" solely consists of doing a photo op for instagram. Also trans women have the highest rate of sexual violence out of anyone so speaking out against it is literally standing up for people who suffer from transphobic abuse.
  19. Except it's like stealing candy for a baby and is as worthwhile of a victory as not doing anything.

    She's not a ~bad person~ for doing it. It's just a hollow moment that doesn't actually ring as virtuous or great for her. And actually shows how shallow her understanding of LGBT progress is if big victories for her are provoking a meme hate group for some good press.
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