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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Eh, it kinda became redundant to always point out the association when we found out she’s signed to him. Just include it in the thread title as that’s going to be more educational than the moral labor being done every other page.
  2. Thankfully Doja has a whole separate catalog of non-Luke material that she’s produced herself and released for free via SoundCloud while Luke was off neglecting her as an artist because she wasn’t popping enough for him.
    Also maybe it’s just me but aside from “Rules”, I’m not really into his stuff with her.
  3. Camila is definitely having a hard time selling Dublin tickets anyway, I'm being BOMBARDED with Insta ads for the gig.
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  4. She’s still claiming to be independent, so I’m not sure she signed anything more than a publishing deal, so she’s likely not stuck with him in the way that Doja Cat is.
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  5. Doja Cat signed with him before the whole lawsuit and she hasn't mentioned his name in a long while. I won't be surprised if she signed the same production deal as Kesha as he has to contractually produce a fixed number of tracks.

    Kim on the other hand ...
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  6. Doja is also a homophobe so I'm really not in a hurry to excuse either one of them regardless of the boppery.
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  7. Especially now that Doja is properly blowing up. I will not be shocked to see Luke leave Kim by the wayside now that he’s finally got the meal ticket he thought he was going to get by attaching himself to her.
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  8. Especially that she'll soon be the only artist signed to his defunct label.
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  9. I keep getting the same sponsored ad that says something along the lines of ‘Need your perfect Valentine’s gift? Treat someone special to tickets to go see Camila live in the 3Arena!’

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  10. I mentioned my disappointment for this tour announcement in another place and this is the take I get:
    Is it even worth responding at this point... I'm over it. This community is the only one I trust concerning sensitive issues.
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. "the good she does in the world" my ears disagree but okay
  13. THAT's the problem you're seeing?

    This is trash supporting trash, literally and figuratively and I really hope I'll get to see the day they're both cancelled for good.

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  14. Why are you in a forum with Camila's dad.
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  15. Kim's current show is literally 20 lights and a roomba.
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  16. This is giving me Nicki Minaj “the arena didn’t have enough power for my show” teas
  17. Its generous to even call Camila's statement an apology let alone a good one.
  18. You came into this thread because...?
    True but that changes not that its underground gay club vibe is superior than being given 8 songs tacked on to an inferior, directionless, desperate-to-please wannabe-pop girl's tour, in my opinion.
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  19. Which one?
  20. I would barely call it a statement full stop to be honest nn
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