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Kim Petras

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jono, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Doubt either had a say, this is just Live Nation trying to save Camila's tour.
  2. Her London show was magnetic. The sheer amazingness of each song, one after the other... so good. Icy live is probably my favourite concert moment ever. I legit lost it when that intro kicked in.

    And she was a sweetheart at the meet and greet. They told us that she's on vocal rest after her throat stuff last week and virtually won't talk to us but will let us do our thing and tell her stuff or whatever. She was really nice and kept hugging me, I gushed about the choice of music in the background while it was happening. They played Gwen Stefani's Crash!!!
  3. The image of Kim spinning around on her roomba during There Will Be Blood is permanently etched into my brain at this point honestly.
  4. She was great on Tuesday, I wasn't expecting her to come through vocally due to the vocal rest (and pretty low expectations) but she really was fantastic.
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  5. I still don't like Clarity. Despite it having a few great tracks, I find it to be very repetitive, melodically one-dimensional, and soulless.
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  6. It’s cute. What’s the song she’s interpolating on the chorus? Can’t place it.
  7. Meh. I'm ready for a new direction sonically.
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  8. We love Nena!
  9. pdf


    Nena. 99 Red Balloons.
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  10. Germans stanning Germans.
  11. I really really like this.
  12. The german celebration of it all! A heute leider nicht moment.
  13. Do Freiheit next Kim!
  14. Foul and disgusting
  15. There's more than enough ways of criticising Kim Petras without resorting to vile and misogynistic insults like that Twitter user does in the video.
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  16. Nothing I read on the account indicated anyone but a deluded stan posted it?
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  17. That’s kind of the entire point, otherwise why create a cover account? Unfortunately, Luke has a very long history of doing things like this, so I’m inclined to believe he’s still running around acting like a child online.
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  18. I would like proof of this. I’m not saying Kim and Luke didn’t do anything wrong, but y’all need to stop believing everything just because it’s convenient to you. Neither of these tweets offered an inch of evidence that this is really them and not some random stan.
  19. I mean, the whole point is to blend in with stan Twitter, so of course there’s not going to be proof. None of this is really shocking or new news, anyway. We’ve known Kim follows Kesha hate accounts for years (whether they’re Luke’s or not). Her being awful is a given at this point.
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