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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I went to the Sheffield show and I knew I'd have a good time as I'm a fan anyway, but I was really blown away by how good she was. She did everything that I wanted her to do and they all seemed to be having so much fun. I like the new album but like it even more after seeing the songs performed live. The venue wasn't sold out but it was full enough.

    My only complaint? The sound was far too loud. Could have been the venue's fault but I was very glad for the acoustic section and Kids In America was absolutely unbearable. I don't care if I sound like an old man, it does make a difference as the songs (and the vocals especially, which were great) get lost once everything is turned up to 11.
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  2. KOKO next week! Looking forward to seeing her. She was great at the mini gig I saw her at last year.
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  3. 7 days till I see her at Hastings. So excited!
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  4. This is why I had to quit going to concerts about 10 years ago (my health's deteriorated so much since then that it's not even an option now anyway); I excitedly got tickets to go see Judie Tzuke at a fairly small local venue....I'd been a fan since the mid-80s and thought this would be a great chance to finally see her live. The support act(s) were fine, volume-wise, or at least just on the right side of the limit. No worries, I told myself, Jude will have a proper sound set-up and it'll be okay.

    How wrong I was! Of all the things I anticipated a Judie Tzuke show being, a full-on assault of the senses wasn't among them...the sound was more like heavy metal and you couldn't make out anything in the fug. In fact I could barely hear her voice or make out any lyrics. Horrendous.

    I had to leave very soon after that...40 quid down the pan and a very unpleasant experience.

    I'd imagine the Kim show (and god knows how many others like it these days) was similar.
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  5. Ugh, that is awful. I have to say that I've been to few gigs recently in various venues and the sound has been fine, this has been the worst in a long while. The last one I can remember as being too loud was Janelle Monae about five years ago.
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  6. I went to the Gateshead show too and she was absolutely fantastic! 1969 really went off live! It was frustrating nobody got out of their seats until after halfway through the show, but I'm glad they did in the end!
    When I was leaving I heard quite a few middle aged woman saying how amazing Kim was, but how irritating they found Scarlett on stage, although in her defence her duet on "Another Step" was a total highlight.

    I took my boyfriend too who isn't really a fan of Kim (or more so he doesn't know much of her music) but afterwards he said that she really knows how to put on a show!

    Anyway it was amazing and I'd happily relive it over again.
  7. My venue was standing which made a difference, everyone was up for it from the first song. Though my legs were killing me by the end of it!

    I thought Scarlett was a little star and Another Step was my highlight of the whole show.
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  8. Why is the new album discussion in the comeback corner? Kim is not some legacy act, she's a forward thinking artist, it's not fair. Her new album is superb, absolutely fantastic. She always delivers but this time she has outdone herself!
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  9. She'll get more attention in this section plus it kind of is a UK comeback.
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  10. This thread would get lost in the main section so I am happy with it being here.
  11. It’s Saturday night and I’m half drunk so Pop Don’t Stop is going on repeat for the next 20 mins.
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  12. Not to everyone's taste but rather fun I think.
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  13. I was meant to be in Birmingham tonight but alas it wasn't meant to be. Roll on the Koko on Thursday. I feel there should be a PJ/KW fan meet up beforehand. Who's in?
  14. Thats my back to back dates done.
    Did Buxton on Friday night, didn't realise how beautiful it was there both the town and the Art Deco Opera House. Very very mixed crowd, really broad age range. Audience quite appreciative, but resolutely sitting down and being a theatre we didn't feel we could stand up. However You Came saved the day, to a beaming Ricki Wilde obviously over joyed for signs of life, and the crowd stayed up for the remainder of the songs.
    The sound there was crystal clarity and the songs sounded stunning.
    Did Brum last night and it was a complete reverse, folk up from third song, Never Trust A Stranger, and didn't sit down again however the sound for me for the most part was pretty poor in parts, so loud there was quite a bit of distortion at times ( I have a feeling I've found that to be a problem previously at the Town Hall ) it's an extremely high ceilinged venue I don't know if it works for Pop/Rock shows.
    The show itself I thought was fantastic, the new songs working brilliantly live especially 1969, Yours Till The End, Rosetta... well all of the ones done were great. Great to hear a couple of album tracks, Words Fell Down and Bladerunner ( the lighting of that was quite stunning), as much as I'd rolled my eyes when I'd seen If I Can't Have You on the setlist, the acoustic approach to it was great,.
    All the hits present and correct, shame the later years of MCA weren't there I mean how great would an acoustic version of It's Here have been?
    To me the massive difference was in the performance of Kim, having only seen her on 80's billed tours and the Xmas shows previously, to have her do a full show was a revelation, having a new hit album to perform seems to have given her a complete recharge both nights she was on fire.
    I must admit I got a bit wet eyed both nights during You Came, a proper album, thats had radio support and tv, been a more successful in terms of chart places than the majority of her material, and an ambitiously large tour that judging by audience reactions had more than paid off.
    Also great merchandise very reasonably priced, a tenner for a signed post of the album cover, 15 quid for signed CD etc manned by the lovely Mandy Wilde.
    And thats reminded of the other lovely thing, the family bonds that were so clear on stage between the respective Wilde clan, Kim / Ricki/ Scarlet, plus the extended family in terms of the band. Magic!
  15. Wish I was going to the London one. Anyone on here going to the Hastings gig on Tuesday? would love a meet up before hand, especially as I'm going by myself.
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  16. Going to Salisbury tonight, anyone know what she has been on stage roughly?
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  17. 8.45 to 9ish
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  18. Thanks! Live from Salisbury, I have to say not even half full... shame. though the place is a bit toxic this month.
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  19. That's a shame but she's a pro and will put on a good show. Have attendances generally been ok? I hope good enough to make a profit.
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  20. Bournemouth Pavillion was packed out which I was chuffed about. I think most of them have been from what I've heard or seen.
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