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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Not too bothered by that but it would've been nice if all the previous mixes for the 3 singles had been included to make it a complete package for this era.
  2. Hum. Doesnt make me want shell out again.
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  3. I would be a lot more tempted by this if they had included a DVD of the tour.
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  4. What. the.
    That's it? You holding out for a second special edition? Not even one single extended version? Fuck this shit. Sorry for the language. It also probably all fits on one disc anyway.

    That said, how much am I loving Love Moves! Only "In Hollywood" is a dud. I hate radio-channel-swithing noises, and she did it again in the Aliens album, but aside from that, the "news bits" they play in the intro are not even Hollywood-related? Hollywood is synonym with movies, and they talk about Mike Tyson and Donald Trump's divorces?
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  5. But the song talks about big-profile Hollywood romances?
  6. 'Amoureux des rêves' is the first collaboration with Laurent Voulzy on record since Les Nuis Sans Kim Wilde, the single that made the Frenchman famous among Kim Wilde fans in 1985. Since then they have sung together live on numerous occasions, most recently during Night Of The Proms in Charleroi in 2010. 'Fight Temptation' was originally recorded by Scarlett Feeva, the band fronted by Scarlett Wilde in 2010. The live tracks were recorded during Kim's recent UK tour.
  7. Interesting that she's including a Scarlett cover - that completely passed me by, I love it! Think it will be a good fit for Kim. Looking forward to the new duet with Laurent and the remixes. I'm actually pleased that previously released remixes aren't being included and clogging up the release. They are so readily available everywhere already.
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  8. Excited for the deluxe, I now have a reason to by the CD version (I opted for the yellow vinyl).
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  9. Is this just CD, or vinyl too?
  10. So the first track Amoureux Des Rêves (feat. Laurent Voulzy) has been added to streaming sites and is available for pre-order as part of a download bundle 'Return Of The Aliens' as of today. No sign of a UK pre-order of the CD version though
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  11. Interesting that it has a French title instead of Dream Lover, even though more than two thirds of the song are only Kim singing in English. Laurent only appears in a speaking part! It really is like Les nuits sans Kim Wilde in that sense, only the lead roles have been reversed.
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  12. Je resurrecte encore et encore, je resurrecte encore, et encore.
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  13. Sounds good.
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  14. Kim is the gift that really keeps giving this year
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  15. She's always been, hunny.

    Save for those couple of years she disappeared ddddd.
  16. She was just in the garden though.
  17. Do you think we will get another single/music video with this re-release?
  18. BOPPP
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