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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I hadn't actually paid any attention to this, but my God... IT IS!

    ALSO: I'm loving Here Come the Aliens. Queen of living out her live X Files fantasy.
  2. If you haven't seen the packaging...

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  3. I knew it would be a slipcase.

    I like it... I think.
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  4. Confirmation that I really don't like it...not the design, not the content. Hoepfully I can download the 2 new songs in HQ once it's released. I get the concept of the original Aliens sleeve, but not the slipcase. Ugh.
  5. Not sure if I will buy this again but I would instantly throw that ugly slip case in the bin.
    Love the original artwork so glad it was hiding inside.
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  6. I can't decide which one is worse.
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  7. 'Fight Temptation' bops.
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  8. I like that it's a separate thing rather than just tacked onto the end of the original album.
  9. HMV aren't stocking the re-issue and it's £15 on Amazon, so I think I'll wait and see if this falls in price... not very excited about the live tracks or remixes.
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  10. It's not a terribly exciting re-release. Think I will just download the 2 new songs.

    They missed a trick not including a DVD of the tour. I would have snapped that up, it was such a good show.
  11. Wish QoBuz or somewhere offering HQ would bloody put them up.
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  12. Still waiting for my signed CD. Anybody else got theirs?
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  13. Hang on, Amoureux des Reves is amazing!
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  14. Well, I was more than a little dubious about the bonus CD when the tracklist was revealed, but am very happy to say I couldn't have been more wrong.

    Amoureux des Reves is a sparkly, zesty pop gem with spacey synths, great hooks and a wonderful spoken (in French) part by Laurent Voulzy. Fight Temptation is closer to some of the rockier moments on the main album with a killer riff and chorus.

    The three remixes are all quite captivating and not just lazy dance-beat-centric or simple extended versions of the tracks... Stereo Shot/1969/Different Story (Numinous Mix) looked on paper to be a hot medley mess but actually is a very well put together and quite thrilling piece of music in its own right and hints at ...Aliens leanings towards concept album territory ... parts of it would have made a great intro to the album - it seamlessly blends the three tracks to what is primarily a remix of 1969.

    Yours Til The End (Infinity Mix)
    is a taut bass and percussion driven expansion on the glorious balladry of the original that builds and breaks throughout - the quicker pace adding an urgency to the song and a great rhythm guitar and swirling synths outro. Cyber.Nation.War (Keyboard Warrior Mix) keeps some of the drama of its original form but against a more stripped down electro backdrop.

    I rarely bother with live tracks but the three here - all top drawer hits delivered with on point vocals - sound excellent in their slightly longer live incarnations and really make me wish I'd gone to see the tour.

    In 2018 Kim Wilde has given us what is essentially a fantastic new album (one of the best of the year); three great singles; a live tour; an excellent remix album; an ace live tour E.P. and two brilliant new tracks. If being a Kim Wilde fan is this good 38 years on from Kids In America, I can only wonder at what treasures she's conjuring up as we approach her 40th anniversary as an artist.

    Bravo Kim! Bravo!
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  15. I love this post. Couldn't say it any better.
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  16. Perfect post and refreshing to read as a lot of us were disappointed at first. I am so glad I saw her concert back in March. Kim is such a great performer and vocally she sounded stronger than ever.
    Hopefully we get another new album in the next year or two. Also looking forward to seeing if we finally get the 'missing' 90s albums remastered.
  17. A few days ago I ordered the signed deluxe CD from her website via Musicglue. Just got an email to advise that there is a delay getting stock. A bit annoying but never mind.
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  18. Same.
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  19. Got the same email.
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  20. Same here, but I can wait.
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