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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. My latest eBay order arrived today....the case has a massive, deep crack that's almost split the front of the box, and scarred the booklet. It would take quite an impact to cause that. But I'm probably just imagining it.
  2. You really have no luck with parcels do you? I am starting to suspect your local Post Office depot is to blame, there must be a really pissed off postman working there!
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  3. It has crossed my mind! Some of the stuff I get is unbelievable.
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  4. I think it must be, I have never had a package from Amazon arrive damaged, even in those massive oversized boxes they use to send something half the size. Have you ever tried complaining to the depot?
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  5. I was going to a while ago, actually. Even got all the details, but then bigger stuff came along to deal with and I just forgot about it.
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  6. I have come to the conclusion that this is my favourite Dame Kim song of the Aliens era

    It's so synth driven power pop that it wouldn't sound out of place on Close.
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  7. I need to get my hands on the new deluxe tracks, initially I was willing to get them "eventually" but now I am thinking I need them ASAP.
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  8. I'd say Amoureux des Reves is the only essential one but when it's that good who cares?!
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  9. Kind of want them in lossless....mp3 isn't really ideal.
  10. "Go for it" (see what I did there?) Hopefully Kim will record another album next year from the dollars she has made from this album and the recent tour.
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  11. I really hope she tours again. It was an amazing night and she has so many hits that we could get a new setlist. I'd love to hear The Second Time, Say You Really Want Me, Schoolgirl, Love In The Natural Way, Hey Mister Heartache, Million Miles Away, Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love)... It could be Dame Kim's very own Anti-Tour!
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  12. She did the second time when I saw her do a Christmas show a few years ago. My 'bussy' as they say, was on fire...
  13. The Second Time is so underrated, it's such a rush of a pop song. I was really hoping to experience it live on the tour to feel the same "bussy" burn!
  14. Last spring they mentioned a possibility of an Anti-tour at some point in the future, which would be amazing.
  15. One of my fave underrated slowies.
  16. Went ahead and ordered the Deluxe Aliens so Kim won in the end.
  17. My Suede box set has a pressing error, do I have your permission to complain or am I just looking for a reason to moan?
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  18. Evil Witch 1, Fans 0.

  19. What a tune Real Life is. My friend Kaz and I have danced our asses off to it so many times. One of our highlights was getting to the Xmas gig last year knowing Kaz was diagnosed with cancer. As she was a huge fan of Kim there was no question of not going so we booked flights and hotels . Sadly Kaz lost her fight on Thursday last week but so many of our fun memories are attached with Kim’s music. Tried to play Real Life just now, couldn’t get through it.
  20. Condolences for your loss hope one day you can play it and remember the happy times you had x
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