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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Thank you for that.
  2. Incredible. Lots of hugs.
  3. Oh @CatastropheBoy I'm so sorry. One day, soon, you’ll just find yourself listening to that glorious song again. There’ll be tears, and sorrow, but you’ll hear yourself singing out those final lyrics once again, full of love.
  4. This brought a tear to my eye. Hugs from me as well.
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  5. Finally decided to give some of Snapshots a try and to my surprise songs that I love like Just What I Needed and Anyone Who Had A Heart really do not deliver. Just What I Needed ends amazingly (the last 45 seconds or so), I just wish the full track packed that same energy.

    So far, About You Now and Wonderful Life are my favorite.

    I've also just got my hands on Loved (never heard it previously) and WOW. This feels like a real late-in-the-game discovery. Total banger.
  6. Love Loved. A few tracks from that period hinted at what a full Kim album would have been like (i.e. ace!).

  7. She’s put out a video for this from the Wilde Winter Songbook.
  8. Annoying this still isn't on Spotify

  9. It was until recently. Snapshots is also gone (though not as missed).
  10. I've finally discovered the Kim thread! YAY!

    I saw her two performances of You Keep Me Hanging On on the classic Top of the Pops (BBC4) recently.

    She was a vision - proper megastar aura!

    Like most people I am still hanging out for reissues of Love Moves and Love Is - I prefer her late 80's and early 90's materials to the early stuff because
    a) it was too "new wave" sounding for me
    b) essentially, it was before my time
  11. There are days when I think that Million Miles Away is my favourite Kim track. That chorus sends me.
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  12. I finally got this album last year.

    OBSESSED with "Where Do Go You From Here?" - it's very 'me'!
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  13. I do wish they would get a move on with the reissues of Love Moves and Love Is. Even an expanded reissue of Now & Forever to include the Matt Darey club mixes and If I Can't Have You and In My Life and their assorted remixes would be worthwhile. My music OCD demands it!
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  14. Universal - who took over the MCA catalogue - are doing the same with Nik Kershaw's Radio Musicola and The Works....we need those too.
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  15. They own the early Tiffany albums too don't they? Drat! Still waiting for her first 2 albums to get the reissue treatment... If it's good enough for Debbie Gibson!
  16. I think I would spontaneously human combust if these were released!!

    I've seen Kim live 3 times:
    2003 - she was the headliner of a Here & Now concert in Brisbane (I was living in Australia at the time)
    2013 - my highlight of the 2013 Rewind Festival
    2018 - Here Come The Aliens Tour in Hastings (if you please!)

    In 03, although I was at the back of the arena, hearing "If I Can't Have You" performed live made my night
    2013. First time close up with Kim - loved her stying - the whole platinum blonde look still being rocked, and enjoyed the great harmony she has with her brother and niece - makes a really strong presence and tightness of musical presentation.

    2018 - first time in a full show, at the tatty old White Rock Theatre with lots of strange middle aged folk! Wonderful concert, though getting the atmopshere going was like raising the dead. Kim was so, so lovely. Such a down to earth, charming rapport with the audience. Loved the biker chick outfit and the alien theme.
    The acoustic Four Letter Word was nothing short of sublime - I had goosebumps. (she reintroduced it into the set that night, as it's "very high" and she'd been unwell: "Madam's had a cold!")
    Another Step in duet with Scarlet was cool and really worked.
    Stripped down intro to If I Can't Have You gave me all the feels.
    You Came was simply life affirming - the hybrid of the original and 06 version was joyous - I could have died happy then and there!!!
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  17. I saw Dame Kim for the first time last year on the Here Comes The Aliens tour which was a 30 year dream come true! She was so lovely and the setlist was just amazing. Hearing You Keep Me Hangin' On, Another Step and You Came live was one of my favourite ever live music experiences. She seemed to be loving it too so I'm hopeful she will tour again.
  18. Any future tour must include Can’t Get Enough (Of Your Love) and the 9 minute version of Never Trust A Stranger!
  19. I am ready for Dame Kim's Anti Tour - give us Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love), Million Miles Away, Schoolgirl, Time, Love In The Natural Way, Hey Mister Heartache and the 9 minute video mix of Say You Really Want Me!
  20. I have to say I adore Heart Over Mind - gorgeous melody. Anti Tour worthy!
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