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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Pretty sure I was there but it was White Rock in Hastings. Maybe she said the same line about "Madam having a cold". Either way nice to meet you Distant Cousin.
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  2. Likewise! Sorry, you noticed my error - it was the White Rock in Hastings - doh!!

    My mate and I were in the standing bit. Wonderful evening in a tatty old theatre, not had a refurb since the 80's - we drove over from Brighton - well worth it!
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  3. The Aliens-tour was just fantastic, I'm definately going to see it again this year. It will be my third date and it will be 100% worth it.
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  4. I had a seat but I went down the front. I was probably standing next to you! I posted some photos I took from the night on this thread.
  5. Distant_cousin check out page 121 for photos I took from the Hastings gig
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  6. We were on the other side of the stage. I'll post my photos when I get a mo.
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  7. I went on my own wearing a Kim Wilde T-shirt and I thought I'd make friends but literally no one in the bar before Kim came on seemed friendly. I had an amazing night either way. If Kim comes back to Sussex we should arrange to meet up.
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  8. I love this song with her so much! I hope when she releases a box set or compilation she includes it.
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  9. Shoulda been a top 10 smash!!!

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  10. One of my Dame Kim ultimate faves! Love this version and not the unnecessary West End remix used in the video which ruins it. When I got the Singles Collection 1981-1993 (my first Kim Wilde album) I was utterly obsessed with In My Life!
  11. Had this been the first post 'Close' single things might have been so different!
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  12. Or, just to bang on about it once again, Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) which was right there.
  13. Do we know how much the Aliens album has sold? Has it been a hit album (by her standards) or considered a flop?
  14. 1. Stereo Shot
    2. Water On Glass
    3. Never Trust A Stranger
    4. Kandy Krush
    5. Cambodia
    6. Birthday
    7. Yours 'Til The End
    8. Solstice
    9. Words Fell Down
    10. Bladerunner
    11. Rosetta
    13. View From A Bridge
    14. Chequered Love
    15. You Came
    16. Hanging On
    17. 1969
    18. Pop Don't Stop
    19. Kids In America

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  15. SHame it wasn't a blu-ray x
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  16. Very true.

    I quite like the cover. Would look good on vinyl but I doubt they'll bother...
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  17. The Another Step erasure.
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  18. Yay! I was secretly hoping for this to happen! I didn't know she had played Solstice live on the tour.
  19. It's the best sleeve of the three for this era so far.
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