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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. I'm not a fan of live albums. They missed a trick not including a DVD/BluRay of the concert which I'd have loved. It was such a good night.
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  2. Yeah, I would've been interested in a DVD/Blu-Ray. I won't be buying a live album.
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  3. What awesome and unexpected news! Will be great to hear this again after going to the tour and love that she has finally got to do a live release...
  4. A CD/DVD/BR combo would've been a nicer product, definitely. I think live albums have to be bloody amazing to work as an actual stand alone album, and 9 times out of 10, they're poor. Nice if you were at the show or it was something very rare captured (with an orchestra, a group reunion, etc.). I wonder if it's all from one show, or edited from several others? It makes those three live tracks on the deluxe edition of the main album even more pointless... especially if it's the same versions!
  5. She did on the Dutch/German legs I think.
  6. Recorded over 18 different cities, it's been confirmed.
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  7. I wonder if there will be a vinyl release as well - that would be super delicious!
  8. I guess this renders those live tracks on the repack obsolete (even if they are different ‘takes’ I don’t need two live versions of Cambodia).
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  9. Kim and Marty are on This Morning after the break. Not sure what for.
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  10. Live album plug?
  11. Marty was 80 this week, he has a greatest hits out and a new tour.
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  12. Bless him. Never been a fan of his music but obviously admire him for having such talented kids. Good on him for touring at 80 too.
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  13. Although they're all already on YouTube, I decided to create a channel specifically for HQ (well, as far as SD is) Kim Wilde music videos. I see a lot of 'HQ' videos that are stretched or cropped to fit a 16:9 window, upscaled to HD (I don't really see the point when the source material isn't). These aren't that. I've re-done the audio with CD, too. Here's what I've uploaded so far:
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  14. You star!
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  15. I love you! Can’t get enough (of your Kim videos)!
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  16. This bizarre new Dairy Milk ad she's doing...

    Queen of merch.
  17. Some more:

    Truth my told, my 'Cambodia' CD re-sync is a little dodgy. The speed of the audio actually changes, at least on the video I sourced from rage above. The 'Select' re-issue audio is 0.5% slower than the speed of the video until after 3 minutes in, where it's 0.6% slower - at least, I couldn't get the "she won't see his face again" line to sync with the rest of the audio at -0.5%. I tried slowing the audio 0.55%, but it wouldn't fit the whole video either. I had to splice two separate speed re-syncs together. If you pay close attention, you can tell.


  18. Now with CD audio (it was on an early channel of mine without):

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  19. More uploads (these two were on earlier channels of mine, but not with CD audio):

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