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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. These videos are amazing @ohnoitisnathan! And the last batch has reminded me of what a phenomenal banger The Second Time is!
  2. Dame Kim: The Blakes 7 Years.
  3. Wednesday this week it was exactly a year since I saw the lovely Dame Kim at Whiterock Hastings - such an excellent night. I hope she does another UK tour again soon.
  4. Schoolgirl is Kim Top 5 for me. And trust me I have 40 Kim faves.
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  5. Schoolgirl is great - a solid 10/10 and in my top 10 as well. I don't care for the rest of the singles from Another Step, but the albums tracks are excellent.
  6. WHAT actually... the singles are great for me but so is the rest of the album. She really did that no-filler triumph.
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  7. Why was 'Schoolgirl' not released as a single in the UK? It even got an Australian release... and we didn't get 'The Touch'... or 'Love In the Natural Way'.
  8. Yes, it's odd, given that it was the lead single from Another Step.
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  9. The album certainly is filler-free. I just don't particularly care for Say You Really Want Me or Hanging, but that's personal taste. They're good songs. Another Step, the song, I quite enjoy actually.

    I think she did three filler-free albums in a row. Teases and Dares is one of my all-time favourite albums, and Close is lush. Perhaps Lucky Guy is filler-ish come to think of it.
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  10. I always forget about Schoolgirl but it really is an anthem. I don't know why I don't play Another Steps regularly like I do Close and Love Is, it's just as solid.
  11. She was the queen of soft first singles with Schoolgirl and Hey Mr Heartache.

    Also kii at Venus and You Keep Me Hanging On both being covers, both off meh selling albums, both reaching UK No 8 while being US Hot 100 No 1s.
  12. 'Set Me Free' (see Pete Burns shade below, from 0:36) actually reached #2 in the UK. Both topped the Oz charts too.

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  13. Wiki lied to me (actually me lied to me).
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  14. (I was actually looking at the Supreme's release wiki)
    Pete Burns refers to Mel & Kim's System as Sister in his book ddd.
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  15. Someone was adding fake chart positions to her discography page every so often a while back. I don't have the page for 'Set Me Free' on my watchlist... though it's correct when I look now.

    edit - ah, sorted.
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  16. And It's Here and Love is Holy...
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  17. Maybe the title (and its connotations) would have given Auntie Beeb a case of the vapours.
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  18. Jimmy Savile introducing 'Schoolgirl' on TOTP is an image better left unseen.
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