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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Is there a list of the missing bsides ?
  2. Agreed, It’s Here is my favourite Kim song so to see dumped on the leftover singles disc hurts a bit! At least we have it though.
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  3. I'm very glad this is 100% aimed at the fans and not the casuals (who don't buy CDs anymore anyway).

    This is Kim saying

  4. Can we all be happy we are getting such a wonderful collection? I know personally that Kim and her manager Sean have worked hard acquiring what they have. You can never please everyone so let's just try to enjoy it shall we?

    The new songs are very different from each other but both ace (I have a soft spot for the Tom Aspaul duet as I had a hand in that one coming together and they've smashed it).
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  5. There aren't any missing original b sides. The other songs that were b sides were either album tracks, a remix of she hasn't got time for you, and a sanjazz megamix.

    Yeah I don't think this comp is really aimed at casual fans otherwise all the big hits would be on disc 1 at the beginning.

    I think disc3 looks pretty good with great classic flops like it's here, the touch, dancing in the dark.
  6. If this was referencing me, I wouldn’t call a minor gripe about It’s Here being demoted to the “additional singles disc” ungrateful, just an observation and as I’ve previously said this box set is stuff of dreams, I’m very happy with it and it’s clear a lot of work has gone into this, it’s honestly so much more than I was expecting.
  7. Yeah I agree. The touch, it's here, Child come away and dancing in the dark are more essential than the covers of it's alright and a little respect.

    I suspect 'put them on the box set' was to make the gays spend a bit more £££.
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  8. Jeez one of those days when I wonder why I came back. I'm out. Enjoy the box set when it lands everyone. See ya.
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  9. I think the non chronological track listing and spreading the tracks across the cds actually means I’ll play this more rather than it sit and look nice in a collection. I have two chronological hits sets already. Looking forward to the bsides and remixes most, it’s a great package.
  10. I'm most looking forward to the DVDs, I've wanted a Kim DVD collection for decades but never ever thought we would get every video. It will be amazing seeing the likes of Time and Can't Get Enough (Of Your Love) in remastered, non harrowing YouTube quality.

    I'm especially glad they are including this amazing 12" version

    So much to look forward to!
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  11. I made a playlist of the first disc and it flows quite nicely! There’s so many single edits and tracks I don’t have so I’m really looking forward to having a definite collection.
  12. It's rude not to enjoy this video (or song) I think.
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  13. I think everyone is generally over the moon about the set? I see a lot of excitement and wish-fulfillment comments.
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  14. I'm a sucker for a single remix so can't wait to get all the singles in their 7" form.

    I wonder if they will put the 2 disc version on streaming? It's annoying that you can't get the hit version of Another Step for example on there currently for your playlists.
  15. Yes please to have it added on streaming too!
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  16. Well I’m thrilled. It has obviously been put together with care by Kim, Ricky and everyone else and they have sequenced it the way they want to.
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  17. I'm still so excited for this set, it really is a dream come true with all the content we are getting.

    I believe Kim Wilde is the best female popstar the UK ever produced.
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  18. Absolutely!
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  19. I hope it’s the single mix of Who Do You Think You Are, it doesn’t specify which is a worry.
  20. I was absolutely shocked to see “Child Come Away” in the “oh… yeah… these were singles too” disc but I’m getting the box set anyways.

    Is this a store exclusive or will it be on Amazon?
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